country song

Play me an old country song

the kind I knew in Seventy-Nine.

When my momma sang along

and I felt just fine

Play me that old country tune

from that old childhood high

Oh I didn't know how soon

the years would pass me by

(You know the ones, from that old

Eight track.)

Ronnie Milsap and George Jones and

Johnny Cash, they rocked my house

in Nineteen Seventy-Nine.

And my mother's voice sang along

It's clear now that she knew

the meaning of some old song

And understood why the singer was blue

And now twenty-some years gone

Those days are clearer to me now

With my own castaway vow

Play me an old country song

from Nineteen Seventy-Nine.

author's notes -

minor revision of a lyric i wrote in 2001