breakup by cop

Didn’t tell me that we were through,

Didn’t tell me I was going down

Even after breakup by cop

I spent too long in the dregs

Your drastic measures

Could never drown my love

The pain of the torture I give

Myself is the only solace and relief

I may be here and breathing but don’t live

Until the day I heard your last call

You told me you were probably going

To sleep with him. I’ve heard it before.

Different guys all the time and suddenly

You ask me what I think about this one.

I give you the best advice I can think of

And try to be fair to you

Despite our breakup by cop

And then I forgot about you and the guy

And the sex you were thinking about

Gone the second I hung up the phone

Not even a thought to try to forget.

And the next day

When a stray


Reminded me,

I smiled. Now I’m alive.

author's note -

unrevised, 2002


wrote this about a year after

a particularly bad breakup.

she didn't tell me what was up,

just called the cops on me when

i came to visit and claimed i was


and yet i forgave her and kept her

as a friend. because i was dumb.

finally let her go and wrote this.