Advance Life Science Venture Capital, LP

Advance Life Science Venture Capital, LP (the “Fund,” “ALS-VC,” or "ALS VC, LP") has launched a $300 million marquee fund in the United States in order to fund New Breakthroughs in Life Science and Medicine discovery, through our unique and innovative method of bypassing the process of regulatory approvals by always getting overseas traction and regulatory authority approvals. Because we seek and always receive the fast-track expedited approval by the FDA within the United States, well after the FDA has seen our international success and thus wanting to secure the medicine supplies for the United States patients' medicinal benefits, they offer fast approval.

This powerful alignment of interests, goals, and aspirations -- allows us, to bring our highly innovative medicines, into the marketplace of the prescription clinics, pharmacies, medical apothecaries, and the hospital medicine cabinets -- at a fraction of the time required by the Big Pharma Companies to get the same FDA regulatory approval within the United States of America.

Founding Leadership

Dr Pano Churchill

Dr Pano Churchill is the founding leader of Advance Life Science Venture Capital, LP.

Dr Churchill is a multi-dimensional leader spanning a global constellation of endeavors and achievements -- professional, public service, and personal -- "The American Churchill."


Dr Churchill is acknowledged as a core foundational life sciences / healthcare leader of our era and is a Grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, the heroic Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II.

He is a thoughtful business and political leader of people, companies, ideas, and large organizations, networked thoroughly in today’s universal global culture.

Dr Churchill is a phenomenal successful man, having started or being involved in, with more than 1,500 early stage Biotech, Medical, Space, Tech, Mobile, Internet, and all other modern Innovation companies in all aspects of Science and Technology, amongst all the startup organizations that I have founded, funded and exited, in all disruptive and innovative fields of life and science.

He is mainly a Social Entrepreneur who saves lives each and every day through my four decades old medical aid organization People’s Health International, and am always active in the aid of displaced peoples, refugees, and all those escaping the ravages of war, famine and climate change. He helps with vitals, victuals and medicines, all those that are migrating across the treacherous frontiers of the underdeveloped parts of the globe and are in need of medical help and food aid.

He is a best-selling Author, an Inventor, a Medicine, Bioengineering and Genetics Innovator, a Space Enterprise Inventor and founder of the “USS Ptolemy” space vehicle company, the founder of community Wi-Fi, the pioneer of Internet auctions, the founder of the Global Environmental Parliament, and the Founder of the Lincoln Party and many other innovations that change the world towards the Good . . . .

He has also authored twenty eight books and tens of thousands of articles -- on subjects ranging from Brain Software, to Politics, to Public Health, to Liberty, to Democracy, to the Constitutional Republic, to Geo-Political affairs, to Global and Foreign Affairs issues, to the Environment, to Economics, and to Global Safety and Peace.

Dr Churchill’s latest book is the three volume treatise "What Would Churchill Do?" and he is currently enjoying a successful publication lecture and book tour. Sir Winston Churchill is his grandfather.

He is Innovator, as well as a serial startup company founder and inventive Entrepreneur. His work over the years has been producing and funding over a Thousand Five Hundred Startup companies in Mobile telecommunications, Wi-Fi, Life Sciences, Internet, Medicine, Genetics, New Open Source Pharma, Orphan Pharmaceuticals, Medical Treatment Discoveries, Proteins, Anti-Virals, and Medical Devices. These 1,500 new companies and all the others spawned from these startups account for massive Job and Wealth Creation as well as for the growth of knowledge and human progress.

His treasure trove of experiences with these 1,500 StartUps is what he willingly shares with all StartUp CEOs and Executives, as well as with his students, in order to help the United States, and the World at large, to solve real Medical, Social and Technological problems through Innovative and Inventive Entrepreneurship, leveraging the power of Business, that helps our Societies bridge the Innovation and Entrepreneurship gaps for the best future for all.

Furthermore, Dr Churchill is the CEO of American Angels:

Bringing Innovation to the World of Science - Space - Medicine - Technology.

American Angels is a Non Profit network, for Entrepreneurship Education for the Inclusion of the underprivileged minorities, youth of color, and women, in the Tech Startup world. We teach minorities how to "belong" in the World of Technological Innovation, how to be Entrepreneurs, how to access Angel Capital, Venture Funds, ESG, VC, and how to create successful StartUps in the arenas of Early Stage Technology & Science, Life Sciences, Medicine, Telecoms, FinTech, Internet & Mobile Apps for Internet & New Media etc. Our goal is to create millions of Great New Tech Startups, and many millions of Great Jobs for the underserved & underprivileged, through Educating and Open Sourcing the Tech of Science, Medicine & Technology Innovation, through the mighty DOTs of the American Angels Network of Great Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, and Business Angels.

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With full disclosure on a non-partisan / non-political basis, Dr Churchill's affiliation with the Lincoln Party is only presented in this section herein for informational / reference purposes only, providing further understanding of his public service / public health leadership, insofar as to provide more information, for example, on the various dimensions that Dr Churchill believes the general public may consider pertaining to its broad general coronavirus options.

Dr Churchill is President of the Lincoln Party and a candidate for President of the United States in 2020 on behalf of the Independent Lincoln Party as a third party Independent Centrist candidate --

According to Dr Churchill, the Lincoln Party is the Independent Principled Party, that places Integrity, Liberty, Country & Ethics, over and above the Cults of Personality, Political Ideology, and Dogma.

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Public Speaker - Commentator - Thought Leader:

Journalist at BEB, HuffPost, BBC, NYT, SFT, EN, LT, Reuters, NPR, Radio & TV.


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