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Welcome to Al Raja School Library

Ms. Suad and Ms. Andrea look forward to help you find books that you will love and information that you will need. We have thousands of wonderful Arabic and English books in our school library along with our useful digital resources. Because of the unfortunate events of COVID our procedures have changed, but you will still be able to get books! How? See the instructions in the COVID Procedures.

The purpose of the Al Raja library program is to ensure that students and staff

become lovers of reading and effective users of ideas and information.

COVID Procedures

  • Using the link to our library catalogue called Follett Destiny, create an account and search for a book. Go to Follett Destiny, click on Log In at the top right. A blue button should appear that says Sign In With Google. Click that and sign in with your school Google account. Here are the instructions. If that doesn't work, contact the librarian to create your own account. Please see these instructions.

  • You have successfully logged into your account if your name is showing at the top right corner. Choose a book and place it on hold through your library account. Here's how to put a book on hold. Or fill out this Google Form with your full name, homeroom, title and call number of the book. You may have 2 books at a time - one Arabic, one English. Your book/s will be ready within 2 days of your request. For blended learning students, we will deliver the book/s to your homeroom teacher and for virtual students, the book/s will be at reception for pick up. Books that are not collected within 5 days will be returned to the library for circulation.

  • Return your books to the bin at the library or at reception. Students from Grades 5-12 may keep the books 3 weeks. Students from Grades KG-4 may keep the books 2 weeks. Overdue fines will be waved while covid procedures are in place. However, students will not be able to take a new book until they return their previous book. Students must pay for the cost of lost books.

  • All books will be quarantined for 3 days. They will still be checked out under your name until the quarantine period is finished. You may request a new book while your returned book/s are in quarantine. If virtual students want to exchange books, the librarians will be available at reception by appointment. Please write an email or call the librarians. See contact information below.

  • If students are not permitted in the library, the librarians will choose books for the KG-3 students according to their interests, unless the students or parents place a request for a specific book through our online catalog or by Google Form.

  • Please note: During the COVID period, these procedures override the usual procedures noted in the Rules and Policy section. If there are differences, please follow the COVID procedures until further notice.

Use our library catalogue to search for books

You can create your own account to hold books. Learn how here!

Use World Book Encyclopedia to research facts and information See many other wonderful features for all ages!

Find fiction, non-fiction, fairy tales and much more

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A collection of over 1,000 books

for MS & HS students

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Rules and Policy

Borrowing Books

  • Students may borrow two books (three books for Grades 4-12 or with parental approval) for three weeks, renewable once. They may not borrow if they have overdue books or fines.

  • Parents may help children choose books before and after school. Parents may also sign out books, provided students and staff do not need them.

  • When returning borrowed materials, please bring them to the desk and make sure a librarian knows who returned them.


  • For students from KG-Grade 4 there are no overdue fines, unless they lose the book. The fee for lost materials is the original book price. If the book is found before the end of the school year and it is not damaged, the student will be refunded. There are no refunds for books found and returned in the following school year.

  • For students from Grade 5-12 there is a fine of 50 fils for every school day which the book is overdue. The maximum overdue fine is BHD2. If the book is lost, the student will pay for the cost of the book.

  • At the end of the school year, if the student has missing books or outstanding fines which have not been paid, the school will withhold the student's final report card until the book is returned and/or the fines are paid.


  • The cost of photocopying is 50 fils/page. One student may copy a maximum of 4 pages.

  • Printing from a flash drive or email on library computers is forbidden.

Other Rules

  • Be gentle with our books! They belong to all of us. Let us make them last!

  • Noise should be kept to a level that does not disturb others. We may ask students to leave the library if they create a disturbance.

  • Cell phones should not be used in the library.

  • Bags, backpacks, etc. should be left at the entrance.

  • No food or drink in the library.

  • We kindly request your understanding and cooperation to make the library a place welcome for all who want to read, study and search for books and information.

Internet Safety

  • Please be careful anytime you go online. These guidelines will help you stay safe while using the internet.

Please do not hesitate to ask for help and to offer suggestions.

We look forward to working with you and serving you.

Recommended Elementary Websites


قصص واقعية - قصص واقعية وخيالية متنوعة ومشوقة للقراءة

قصص أطفال - قصص مضحكة ومرحة للأطفال الصغار مصورة ومكتوبة للقراءة

بالعربي - قصص تربوية هادفة للأطفال الصغار

الحكواتي - قصص وحكايات مختلفة ومشوقة للأطفال

Arabic With Nadia قصص متنوعة مصورة ومكتوبة للقراءة


  • Storyline Online - An award winning website featuring famous people reading children's picture books

  • Open Library Student Library - Create an account and borrow from an amazing selection of books

  • Brightly Storytime You Tube - Weekly read alouds of beautiful picture books

  • Starfall - A well known website for primary school children promoting basic reading skills

  • International Children's Library - Free children's books from around the world with an option for other languages

  • ABCya - Fun, educational games including language arts and mathematics skills

  • Oxford Owl - Free ebooks, phonics activities, math games

  • Funbrain - Free educational games and activities supporting literacy, math and problem solving skills

  • Highlights Kids - Fun educational website including matching games, art activities, animated stories and science experiments

  • Make Me Genius - Educational topics presented through cartoon videos

  • Wide Open School - Reliable resources for learning activities across subjects and grades

  • National Geographic Kids - Learn fascinating facts through games, videos, quizzes and more

  • PBS Kids - Sing along with your favorite PBS characters including songs, sorting & counting games and videos. Be sure to download the app as well!

  • Sesame Street - Grover, Cookie Monster, Elmo and others are waiting to teach young children through fun learning activities

  • TIME for Kids - Based on the popular news magazine, this website includes articles, photos and videos for a younger audience

  • DLTK Crafts for Kids - Printable crafts, coloring pages and educational worksheets

Recommended Secondary Websites


  • الحكواتي - قصص وروايات متنوعة لكبار المؤلفين والمؤلفات

  • مكتبة فورريد - قصص وروايات متنوعة في جميع المجالات المختلفة

  • قصص واقعية - قصص واقعية وخيالية متنوعة في جميع المجالات المختلفة

  • مكتبة نور- أكبر منصة عربية مفتوحة لقراءة ملخص الروايات والقصص الأدبية وغيرها لكبار المؤلفين والمؤلفات

  • قصص وروايات - ملخص القصص والرويات المختلفة باللغة العربية والفصحى لكبار المؤلفين والمؤلفات


  • CommonLit Library - Vast selection of informational texts, short stories, poems, speeches

  • Open Library Internet Archive - Create an account and borrow from a vast selection of fiction and nonfiction books

  • Smithsonian Tween Tribune - Vast selection of articles on a variety of topics & current events with 4 different Lexile Level settings

  • Project Gutenberg - Over 60,000 eBooks available to be downloaded or read online

  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - Excellent resource for writing, grammar and mechanics, and styles (MLA, APA, etc)

  • Sparknotes - Reading guides and analysis for books that are commonly read and studied in class

  • Bitesize - Educational videos, activities, quizzes and games across all grade levels

  • Make Beliefs Comix - Make your own comic strips with images and text

  • How Stuff Works - Easy to understand answers & explanations about how stuff works

  • BBC History - Excellent resource of world history including historical figures too

  • Learn Out Loud - Vast selection of educational videos, podcasts, along with audio books

  • Learning Games for Kids - Word games to help build vocabulary based on classic literature such as David Copperfield and Huckleberry Finn

  • Funbrain - Educational games, videos, books for middle school students

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