Mr. Woolley's Science Classroom

Welcome to Mr. Woolley's classroom. I sincerely love teaching science. I work hard to make student learning the first priority of this class. I hope that students feel both challenged and supported as we learn that science is a process. This website can be a valuable tool to students and parents. You can use it to access updates on what we've been doing in class, including "pdf" versions of most assignments and class notes. Here are a couple helpful bits of information.

  • The best place to get information about your grades is from Skyward.
  • I will occasionally send out updates by text. Students and parents can sign up to receive these texts. To do so, follow the following directions.
    • For Earth Science Students, text @earthsci to 81010
    • For Biology Students, text @mrjhbio to 81010
  • There are two online textbooks for Biology Class.
    • First, the Pearson Textbook will be the most helpful. You can access it here but make sure you remember to use the following for your username and password.
      • Username: your email account, the part before the @ sign should be either all caps or all lowercase.
      • Password: put a lowercase b in front of your student id number.
      • Hard copies are available to check out from Mr. Woolley (limited number available, so try the online ones first).
    • Second, the state of Utah has a free online textbook you can use as well.
  • Their are also two textbooks for Earth Science.
    • First, we have a hard copy of the Glencoe Earth Science book. You may check out a copy of it with your planner or student id. Just come talk to me.
    • The second is the free online book from the state of Utah.


During the year, we collect BoxTops to help pay for lab supplies and professional development opportunities. For every 50 boxtops that you collect as a class, you will be allowed one minute of using your notes or review on the next FFLA.