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Information for Members of TDT running the clinic

Clinic Teaching Schedule ‎‎(1)‎‎.docx

Please note the Responsibilities and Objectives at the bottom of the above document!!

Tot's song breakdown:

"Feel It Still" -Portugal the Man

0:00 - Class A - (2/8 Intro -you can use this to get them on, or just have them holding shapes, whatever)

2/8 Verse

4/8 Chorus -exit off stage left

0:48 - Class B - 2/8 Verse -enter stage right

4/8 Chorus -exit off downstage right

1:24 - Class C - 4/8 Verse -enter split upstage

2/8 Interlude

2:01 - Class C continue upstage and Class B enter first set of 8 centerstage

- Class A run on second set of 8 downstage

2:13 - All on together!

How the money works:

Remember to put your name down as the referral for them so you can get the credit when they register!

The first $25 of what you earn will go into the TDT account. Everything after that goes towards your fees/trips.

Here's the math for how the money works out:

If we did about a 70/30 split, then for each registrar you would earn $20 dollars. It would take 5 registered dancers to earn $100

*This is more beneficial for our team account as we would gain from every single person signed up, no matter who gets them to sign up.

If I take the first $25, then you would earn $5 for your first registrar, and $30 for everyone after that. For 5 registered dancers that brings you $125 dollars.

*This is more beneficial for you personally, but we need enough in the account to get us through the end of year so it will only work if every single one of you signs up a dancer!