Dances About Current Events

Station 1: Racism

These are 4 different dancers from 4 different countries. Watch their space and interactions. What are they saying in this dance? How does having a poem spoken make this different from a "regular" song used?

Station 2: Classism

Two friends who started in the same place and are now in completely different places. Watch for their energy and movement qualities -what does it tell you about them? What do you feel about each of the characters?

*Begin watching at 1:12

Station 3: Addiction

Pay attention to how similar their movements are, but what exactly makes them different? Who is the addition and who is the addicted? Do you think there is a real, permanent separation at the end? Why/Why not?

Station 4: Human Rights

This was created and performed in 2007; what else do you think would have made the beginning slides? What does the circle represent?

(sorry for the lower quality)

Watch the beginning and then at 2:50 skip until 6:05 and continue watching.