2018 Team Photos

Use the link below to order photos. Once you have submitted your form, please pay in the THS Finance Office. After you have paid bring me your receipt, and I will send you the digital files you have ordered. All orders need to be submitted and paid by Tuesday, October 16th.

Photo Order Form

Christina Galvan HS
Kaitlan Baker HS
Allison Archer HS
Kaylee Dennis HS
Hannah Plato HS
Arianna Larson HS
Talia Ehlers HS
Josh Sausedo HS
Jacob Jones HS
Owen Browne HS
Josh Haroldsen HS
Colin Travis HS
Aaron Olsen HS
Nathan Fletcher HS
Ben Robinson HS
Group 01
Group 02
Kaylee Dennis AC
Jacob Jones AC
Josh Sausedo AC
Kaitlan Baker AC
Allison Archer AC
Arianna Larson AC
Talia Ehlers AC
Christina Galvan AC
Ben Robinson AC
Aaron Olsen AC
Hannah Plato AC
Colin Travis AC
Owen Browne AC
Josh Haroldsen AC
Nathan Fletcher AC
Kaylee and Josh H AC
Hannah and Jacob AC
Arianna and Josh S AC
Kaylee and Owen AC
Allison and Colin AC
Kaitlan and Aaron AC
Christina and Ben AC
Talia and Nathan AC