Mrs. Hyde's Math Class

Supplies Needed for Mrs. Hyde's Math Classes:

  • PENCILS - please be prepared each day with at least one pencil and eraser (preferably lots since backpacks seem to eat them up somehow). I recommend mechanical pencils - they don't get dull.
  • RED PEN - we will correct our assignments each day. I expect you to bring your own red pen. It makes class run much smoother.
  • MATH BINDER or FOLDER - You will receive a page of notes with each assignment page. You will need to have a specific place to put each of these. I recommend you do not put it in a separate A or B day bag. Your math will alway have homework and so you should always have your math work with you, A and B days, regardless of when your class is.
  • SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR - but not for the first couple of chapters. So, please look into getting one, put your name on it, and leave it at home until we get to the chapters when you can use them. I recommend a TI-30X. They cost under $15. You do not need a $100 calculator for 7th Grade math.