You will Text WHILE driving...

Bill Gates = Software Leasing...

Google... cars "mapping" all the roads in the world

TESLA... electric cars... Software upgrade that allowed car to be self driven

GM announces self driving fleet (Feb 2017)

Volkswagon announces Self driving cars... and concept of "shared" mobility vs. ownership

John Deer "affordability" commercials... at the same time they announce that farmers "do not own the software"

  • Rent House = problem = call landlord vs. Lease House = problem = fix it your self
  • Car Rental vs. Car Lease
  • John Deer... Lease the hardware + rent the Software

TESLA 7.1 software update (Oct 15, 2015)

Elon announces 2nd 10 yr plan... "Uber type fleet" of self driving cars... lease your's out while at work

Tesla Self-Driving Car Level 4 Autonomy

70-year-old test drives Tesla self-driving mode

Google + TESLA

TESLA surpasses GM in value... (April 2017)

Volkswagon "Disruptors" in Future: Sustainability + AI + "Shared Mobility" = No Ownership