Frontier Middle School Math

Welcome to the Frontier Middle School Math website.

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Our Teachers

Mrs. Brown

8th / 9th Grade

Ms. Dallon

8th Grade

Mr. Goodrich

9th Grade

Mrs. Gregory

7th Grade

Ms. Gutzman

7th Grade

Mr. McDonald

9th Grade

Mr. Taylor

8th Grade

Mr. Ward

7th / 8th Grade

Other Good Sites to Know

WabbitEMU - This is a free way to access the TI-84 calculator for free from home. It is available for your PC, Mac, Linux, or Android device (not available for iOS).

DESMOS - This is a great graphing program that has a ton of features. We suggest you explore it and get to know it.

GeoGebra - There are a bunch of different tools here, including graphing, geometry, and constructions.