Christen's Biology

This website will be a valuable tool to help you navigate Biology successfully. I am confident that all of my students can be successful in this Biology course if they approach each class with curiosity and strive to learn. It is my goal that each student will have all of the tools that they need to be successful.


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Unit 1- Ecology

8/22- Black Box/gum lab/ Greek and Latin Roots

8/28- Fetal Growth Lab, graphing

8/26- Toothpick chi squared

8/30- Planet in Peril, food chain and web

9/1- 10% rule and food pyramid

9/6- Food Chain Gizmo

9/8- Calories vs Energy

9/12- Oh Deer and Natural control of populations

9/14- Unit Review and Remediation

9/18- Unit 1 Exam

9/20- Start Cycles Unit

Latin Root ANSWERS.pdf

Macromolecules Ppt