History began here, at UT Dallas.

On February 12, 2013, a group of guys came together to found America's first Muslim-interest fraternity. Today, that vision manifests itself as a group of 31 diverse men seeking to develop themselves and their brothers with excellence. We accomplish that with excellence β€” in character, service, intellectual standard, spirituality, and creativity.

Join us by attending our rush events at the start of each semester, or learn more about our national vision, origins, and intentions.

We are Grand Alpha

ALM is not only the first fraternity of it’s kind, but the first founded at UT Dallas. We are unique in our endeavour, and that translates into the dynamic of our akhuwwa β€” our brotherhood.

Spring 2017 Recruitment

Rush events have begun. RSVP and check out the schedule on Facebook.

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Chapter Shura

Bilal Ayub


Ehsan Azzami

VP Admin

Ashr Khan

VP Standards

Shayan Abbas

VP New Membership

Khizar Irshad

VP Events

Aamir Karim

VP Accounts

Hammad Fazlani

VP Public Relations