If you want a traditional CV, I suggest you head over to LinkedIn.

Here, I thought I should try to summarize what I am good at using the acronyms du jour. This way, it will be fairly easy for you to tell if I am the right person for the job.


Everybody's talking about CRO. Conversion Rate Optimization. This is probably where I have been scratching my head the most the last decade. And what used to be something hypotheses driven seems to have evolved into an industry focusing on making buttons orange. Needless to say, I don't share that opinion.


I had never dealt with SEM when I was asked to take over a fairly large account that had been managed by a high street media agency for years. A couple of weeks later I had decreased the spend with 60%, and increased actual sales with 20%. Now, if I get the chance to do something right, I always start with an MVP hypothesis in SEM. Because that will tell you everything you need to know, and as soon as you know that, it is just hard work ahead.


Once upon a time, this was a technical industry (well, before that, it was about fooling people into believing you had images of Angelina Jolie on your site, and then not having it).

I have always believed that putting the resources into creating wonderful content is the better approach rather than trying to black hat your way into a temporal ranking.

And these days, as the organic SERP gets smaller and smaller, SEO is becoming something else. I see it as the receipt that your marketing is working, by rewarding you with unpaid traffic.


I was data driven before it was cool! When I got my first GAIQ, analytics was so uncool you couldn't even pay people to listen to you talk about how it could help them make money.

That has changed quite a lot. Today, you cannot have a traditional fika without KPI's. Which is nice, since I'm all about helping people (companies) make sense of their web analytics data. I have picked up a few tricks the last 8 years, and am currently busy turning most of them into a wonderful tool which hopefully I get the chance to tell you more about really soon.

The rest of the tricks, as well as learning new ones are put to use with some traditional consulting. If you need help, let me know.

growth hacking

I really don't like the term growth hacking. It implies that there is a shorter way to achieving great results, much in the same way CRO does.

That TV shop rethoric may work for some, but when push comes to shove, it is only about hard work, implementing tactics, evaluating them, optimising or discarding. End of story.

digital strategy

Digital strategy is the void between vision and tactics. That void used to be larger, but now, thanks to realtime analytics, going from vision to confirming your hypothesis and focus on growth with tactics, while optimising your converison funnels.

Which leaves me hanging with the question:


Short answer: It's my easy way out of saying that I work with data stuff without actually coding. Consider me the bridge between the sales department and the IT guys.


Before the first IT bubble burst, I was studying Interaction Technology, as it was called back then. It was about the interaction between man and machine. The web was still something very primitive (well, it still is if you ask me).

Today, we are calling it UI. By adding typical marketing flair and softer, unmeasurable marketing mumbo jumbo (that adds a WHOLE LOT of hours to the project), it has morphed into UX.

Which is the mother of all good things on the web. If the experience is working, people will enjoy it, which will show in your metrics, your conversion rate will go up, which will lead to a lower CPA, higher CTR, better ROAS - overall ROI will go up, and there will be much rejoicing. But if you don't keep an eye on your metrics in your analytics tool, you will never know what works and what doesn't, and then you have to guess, which could lead you right but probably won't.

Well, what I'm trying to say is that designing the user experience is not just about pixels. It is a very important part. I'm good at everything but the pixel polish.

Sounds good? Let's talk!