PSAL, Inc.

Private School Athletic League, Inc


PSAL, Inc (Private School Athletic League) is a basic league of the CIF/ Central Coast Section. PSAL, Inc is comprised of local high schools in the Central Coast Section participating in interscholastic athletics (grades 9-12). Currently, we have 23 league member schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

The purposes of the PSAL, Inc organization are:

  • To promote and foster the ideals of education through the medium of interscholastic sports among member schools.
  • To cultivate and promote friendly and cordial relationships among member schools by means of an organized and supervised program of athletic activities.
  • Adherence to California Interscholastic Federation-Central Coast Section (CIF-CCS) standards of good sportsmanship and ethics.
  • To provide an opportunity for athletic administration, school administration and coaches of member schools to discuss ways and means of improving sports programs in their schools.
  • To administer the athletic activities of the PSAL in accordance with the CIF, CCS and PSAL constitutions, bylaws and rulings.



TRUSTWORTHINESS: Deserving trust from others; confidence in a person because of his/her qualities RESPECT: Special esteem or consideration in which one holds another person or thing RESPONSIBILITY: Fit to be placed in control of something; capable of acting rationally FAIRNESS: According to the rules CARING: Serious attention, watchfulness, caution, protection; to look after GOOD CITIZENSHIP: Rights and duties; embodies all other pillars