This class was designed to equip you with the exact framework to pursue marriage and deeply understand love to prepare you for that next great chapter of your life.

Single's Day

Understanding Love

Rulings regarding it

Making the choice

Being emotionally prepared

How to write your amazing marriage resume

Navigating the search

Couple's Day

The rulings of love and romance

Languages of Love

Family life in Islam

Navigating marital discord

The silent killer in any relationship

Three crucial layers of communication

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas

The Head of our Islamic Law and Theory Department. Known for his calm, gentle and caring demeanor that welcomes students to ask questions with awe and respect.

On top of being the Imam and Scholar of Valley Ranch Islamic Centre, he’s a highly sought marriage counsellor in his community.

With four children, years of experience, and a deep grasp across the Islamic sciences, Shaykh Yaser is welcomed eagerly in every city he teaches, leading in Usul, Fiqh, Financial Literacy, and Relationship classes.

It’s no wonder that he has taught more students than any other of our instructors at AlMaghrib!