What have we been up to?

Leadership training

Mr Chambers arranged for us to have some training from Ed, who works for NSport. Ed is helping us to become better leaders and to promote physical activity across the school. We learnt about the importance of things like positioning, planning and body language. Using the STEP principle we delievered some of our own activities and then delivered them to the rest of the group, talking about what went well and what we could improve on. It was a really useful and fun morning. Now the real work begins!

PE Helpers

Each week the Sports Squad become teachers and help deliver the PE lessons for the younger children of the school. Whilst doinf this they have also been choosing the Sports Star for the Friday Celebration assembly.

Lunchtime Activities

On a Tuesday and Thursday the Sports Squad have been running sporting activities for all the children to be involved it. These have included some personal challneges (like speed bounce), House team challenges (football & netball skills) and some 'just for fun' activities (limbo challenge)

Sports Crew Conference

Four of our team, Siddartha, Hillary, Gabrielle and Amelia went to the Sports Crew Conference day. It was a chance to;

  • Gain more leadership training
  • Share ideas with other Sports Crews
  • Meet an inspirational Paralympian
  • Try out new inclusive sports

Whilst there the team met Alistair Patrick-Heselton and ex-professional footballer who went on to represent Team GB at the London 2012 Paralympics. They also tried some new things and particularly enjoyed New Age Curling and Arrows Archery.

The children very much enjoyed the day and came back to school with renewed energy to get the school more active.