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Welcome to Advanced Trade on Coinbase. All your favorite markets, all your favorite trading tools, the same Pro pricing — with one unified balance on one platform.

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Coinbase Advanced Trade

Coinbase is a one-stop-shop for traders as they can trade, buy, sell and exchange digital assets. It is a well–known name in the crypto industry and has millions of users, all because of its stand-out trading features.

Stepping into the read with a question- Are you a Coinbase user? If yes, probably you have heard about its upcoming service named “advanced trade” which is designed by considering the needs of seasoned traders.

Yes! If you are not aware of it, let me tell you that the Coinbase pro platform is getting down and all its services are getting merged with Coinbase’s “Advanced trade” feature. All of Coinbase Pro's features are available in, which has been improved to provide the fastest and most intuitive Coinbase experience. It is available as Coinbase advanced trading mobile app, traders can earn a massive income by trading through mobile. Along with this, Coinbase’s advanced trade API (application programming interface) is going to release soon to enhance your trading experience.

If you are curious to know more about this exclusive feature in detail, follow me up as I am going to tell you further- How can you enable this service?

All you need to access advanced trading through Coinbase:

You can access the advanced trade platform directly by visiting its official website but as it is a feature of Coinbase, it is accessible through Coinbase as well. Follow the footprints enlisted below.

You are now prepared to use the trade tool to improve your game in cryptocurrency trading. Well, you can’t begin the journey right now, as you didn’t perform login yet. So, have a look into the process of registering your account first, in order to perform the trade log-in.

Steps to undergo for Coinbase advanced trading login

Follow these steps to create your login account:

1. Go to the webpage at

2. After launching it, pick up the "Advance Now" button to continue.

3. Fill out the sign-up form's prompts for your name, email address, and password.

4. By checking the square box, agree to the terms of the agreement listed below.

5. Thenceforth, look for "Create free account" from the dropdown menu and click.

6. At this point, adhere to the directions given in order to finish the signup procedure.

Now, you have your account to proceed further with the login process, have a glance at the method to perform login in the very next section.

Coinbase VS Coinbase Advance Trade

How to use trade to log in?

Here is the apt and straightforward method to log in to your account, just follow the instructions mentioned below.

1. Start by visiting

2. Locate and click the "Log in" button that is present in the upper-right corner.

3. Complete the Email field for the Coinbase advanced trading login and click "Continue."

4. Enter your password now, then click "Continue."

Bravo! You are ready to bring on your journey to advance trade and can step up your game. By utilizing this feature, you can earn massive bucks without spending a fortune by using its modern trading tools.

What if you are getting Coinbase connection issues or your Coinbase advance trading not working? Well, many users have similar issues and don’t worry as I am going clear all your clutter regarding this by elaborating on some common issues and the fixes as well.

How to clear out error messages of Advance trade?

Coinbase Advanced Trade app- Explore the next era of Crypto trading  

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been playing a significant role in the crypto trading industry and a lot of users are definitely in love with Coinbase Pro (now Coinbase Advanced Trade) platform. Yes, this platform is grabbing the attention of a lot of budding as well as existing crypto investors. And there is not one but many reasons behind its unbeatable popularity. 

However, to users' shock, when Coinbase Global Inc. came up with an announcement stating that Coinbase Pro would be saying goodbye, it brought about a chaotic situation among pre-existing traders. But, to our relief, it was mentioned that the platform would be available for usage within the Coinbase exchange itself under the "Coinbase Advanced Trade" tab. 

Soon after this announcement was made, mobile users started to look for Coinbase Advanced Trade App which also lead to disappointment amongst them. 

Want to know why? Read the upcoming section to know more

Is there a Coinbase Advanced Trade App?

If you have read the details furnished above carefully, then you might have got your answer already. But, to be clear and precise, I want you to know that there is no such available on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This is because the Advanced Trade tab is pre-included in the Coinbase exchange itself. 

This simply hints towards the fact that those who wish to use the Advanced Trading platform on their mobile devices can get the Coinbase app downloaded and start accessing the advanced trading tools and charts right away. 

Don't know how and where to download the Coinbase app from? Don't worry, we are here with the correct procedure:

That's it!!!

Moving on, let me now address one more concern of the traders- "Why is Coinbase Advanced Trading Not Working?" Hence, if you are also facing issues while using Coinbase Advanced Trade, then please refer to the details provided in the next section.

Let's find out why is Coinbase Advanced Trading Not Working

Any online platform, including the Coinbase Advanced Trading portal, is not free from vulnerabilities. Hence, if you are facing any issue with the website or its app, then there are two possibilities in this scenario. First, there is a high chance that the servers of the website are down. On the other hand, there could be some issues with the device as well. 

If we talk about the problem with the website servers, then there is nothing you can do about it. The coinbase team will eventually resolve the issue at its end and you have to wait until then. 

Meanwhile, you can try out some device troubleshooting steps as well and the same have been discussed below:

Bottom line!

If you recently got to know that Coinbase Pro will now be available as Coinbase Advanced Trade, I know you must be curious to know how to get started with it. But, let me tell you one thing very clearly. The Advanced Trading section will be available in the Coinbase exchange itself with the same features that were there in Coinbase Pro. With a unified Coinbase account, you will be able to use enhanced trading features including Charts, TradingView, Staking, Borrowing, Card, and so on. 

Isn't that great? 

So, create a Coinbase account and explore all the basic as well as Advanced Trading features without creating separate accounts.

Advance Trade

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. What is advanced trading on Coinbase?

Coinbase is upgrading itself to attract seasoned traders by introducing an “advanced trade” feature which will replace the Coinbase Pro trading platform. It will provide you with sophisticated trading features and security in addition to all the traits of Coinbase Pro. You can visit to know in-depth information.

2.  How do you get advanced trade on Coinbase?

If you want to access the advanced trade feature through the Coinbase platform, all you have to do is open the official website of Coinbase, and look for the “Trade” option available there after logging in to the account. Click on “Trade” and select the “Advanced trade” option from the popped-up menu. And, in this way, you can access all the amenities of Coinbase Pro.

3.  Is advanced trading on Coinbase free?

In order to begin your journey with Coinbase Pro, the first and foremost thing you have to do is register your account which is completely free. Yes, a subscription to trade charges no cost but if you want to utilize its advanced tools you have to pay a low-volume fee to gain access. Charges will be the same as they were for Coinbase Pro.

4.  Is Coinbase advanced better than Coinbase Pro?

Definitely yes, Coinbase advanced presents an upgraded version of Coinbase Pro. If we discuss the specifications of Coinbase advanced trade vsCoinbase Pro, It provides all the functionalities of Coinbase Pro with a few additional functions such as upgraded security, extra charts and Defi rewards.