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Getting introduced to

AOL is a free email service that provides millions of users with safe communication all over the world. It also provides countless additional benefits along with offering world-class spam protection, reliability, and speed. Moreover, it also gives its customers unlimited support to assist them if and when required.

The team has also come forward with the AOL email app -a handy approach to accessing email anytime and from anywhere. The email service is supported on iOS and Android as well. To get a quick overview of its products and other services you can refer to

Furthermore, AOL Mail has introduced a search tool - AOL Mail (295) download. It is a platform built for the persons looking for the job and the recruiters. This platform act as an intermediary to fulfill the vacant job role. The recruiters post the job for which the role is vacant with the aim of finding out the right candidate at the right time having the right skills.

Register yourself with AOL Mail sign up

Signing up or registering yourself with the email platform is the first step to beginning your email service. The steps to create an identity on the platform are quite an easy task and can be completed within a few minutes. However, for your convenience, we are listing the sign-up steps in a sequential manner to ease your email journey.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to its official page

  2. Hit on “Create an Account”

  3. Complete the appeared sign-up form

  4. Tap on “Continue”

  5. Go with the prompted instructions as displayed

Once the account will be created, you’ll be able to embark on the AOL services.

What to do on the AOL sign in page?

As mentioned earlier that there is a mobile app also available, you can even go for AOLMail login on iPhone and Android as per your convenience. You can even login via the web browser.

Below, we are listing the steps to login into your AOL Mail account from the web:

1. Open your preferred web browser

2. Either, search for “AOL Mail” or “”

3. Or, visit

4. On the appeared page, mention your email address/username/mobile number

5. Click on “Next”

6. Enter your account password and tap on “Sign In”

With these simple steps, you will be landed into your Mail account.

Well, there is an option to log in to AOL email automatically for AOL Desktop Gold to manage your username and password. But, on the other hand, it is recommended not to save your password or opt for auto-fill with a view to eliminating online threats.

What does “My AOL Mail login screen name and password” signify?

This term shows up your identity. When you get enrolled on this platform, a username is created by which you get recognized by the other people on this platform. On the other hand, the password is the key to your email account, which is required every time you are about to login into your email account to get its services or perform an action.

However, if in any case, the password runs away from your mind, you can reset a new password which will be required further to let you access the email service. This is the primary security step taken to ensure the safety of your data and prevent it from going into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, it is also recommended to change the password after a certain periodic interval on security grounds.

How to retrieve AOL Mail?

In this section, we will be learning the steps to recover or retrieve an old AOL Mail account. There are majorly two ways to do so:

  • If you are enjoying a free email service

  • If you are using a premium AOL Mail subscription account

The account gets recovered under both circumstances, but here we will look at the steps to recover your deleted AOL email within 7 days. It should be noted that the email at first moved to the trash instead of getting permanently deleted unless you choose to delete the email permanently.

Give a sight at the steps laid down:

1. Start by logging into your AOL account

2. Click on the “Trash” icon placed on the left-hand panel

3. Select all the emails that you wish to recover

4. On the ribbon at the top, hit the “Action”button

5. From the appeared list, tap on “Move To:”> “Inbox”

After completing all the steps listed in the given manner, you’ll be able to find the selected deleted emails in your inbox section.

What are the most common login problems?

  • There are many problems that you might come across. Although, the most common one among them is the login issue and the reasons behind them are also different.

  • You might be restricted from stepping into your mail account if the account password slips away from your mind. To resolve this issue, you can opt for an AOL Mail password reset. After creating a new account password, you’ll be able to get back into your account with the newly created password.

To Conclude

AOL Mail is one of the most recognized email service providers. Besides, offering free email service also lets the user remain updated with all the latest news to date including weather forecasts also. To protect your emails from getting into the hands of scammers the company has introduced AOL shield Pro, which prevents your data from getting manipulated.

To check out the AOL products, support options, and plans you can go to