Welcome to AIM

“Activating Inquisitive Minds” is a pullout program that serves the needs of gifted students in Allen Independent School District. The AIM program allows gifted students the opportunity to work weekly with peers of similar abilities through a pull-out program at each campus.

The AIM curriculum challenges students to develop and apply their talents through a variety of integrated, multidisciplinary learning activities and projects. AIM classroom activities focus on logic, problem solving, higher order thinking skills, critical and creative thinking.

The AIM curriculum integrates Social Studies and Language Art disciplines at each grade level through a Humanities based curriculum supported by the College of William & Mary Center for Gifted Education. Additionally, PBL, STEAM frameworks (science, technology, engineering, art, math) are being incorporated. Students are exploring Problem-Based Learning units to provide experiences with creative and innovative thinking.

Actual testing for identification at the elementary level occurs in kindergarten through district wide aptitude screening. Students are eligible to test for gifted every two years.