Meet Our Experts

Episode 2: Polar Bear Expert Alysa McCall

Alysa McCall is the Director of Conservation Outreach and a Staff Scientist at Polar Bears International. She loved animals growing up so she went to school to be a wildlife biologist: first, she studied mice and toads but seven years ago she decided to research bigger animals in a colder environment, and she’s glad she did! Her job now includes talking to people all around the world about polar bears and researching polar bears in the field to understand more about them and help protect them in the future.

Images: © Alysa McCall

Episode 1: Sumatran Orangutan Expert Beth Guzzetta

Beth Guzzetta is a National Geographic Certified Educator, and she has been teaching middle school math and science courses at Allendale Columbia School since 2000. She currently hold the Lucius and Marie Gordon Chair in Science. Being a National Geographic Certified Educator has encouraged her to get even more involved with global issues and to explore new ways to bring hands on science to students in other countries as well as to her students out to explore new cultures through research. Beth has always loved animals and global issues, and was able to combine these two interests by starting a biodiversity science research trip to Madagascar for students in 2016.

Top image: © Matt Wittmeyer

Bottom image: © BGuzzetta