Director of Pupil Personnel - Safe Schools COordinator

Shane Davis

(270) 618-3181 Ext.

I am honored to be working as the Director of Pupil Personnel and Safety Director for Allen County Schools. The primary goal of this office is to create pathways to student success and remove barriers that may exist. We know that all students will be succesful when provided a safe and caring environment and the proper support systems.

We will strive to:

  • Create a safe, caring, and nurturing environment

  • Improve student attendance

  • Increase communication between the schools and the families we serve

  • Help students and their families access the resources they need in order to succeed at a high level

Role of the DPP

The Director of Pupil Personnel works closely with schools in the district to help remove barriers that may be preventing children from being in school. As part of Kentucky's compulsory attendance law, a truant is defined as any student who has three unexcused absences/tardies, and an habitual truant is defined as any student who has six or more unexcused absences/tardies. It is the responsibility of the DPP to investigate cases of nonattendance and enforce all aspects of the law. The DPP manages demographic and attendance records. The office submits all required attendance reports to the Kentucky Department of Education and is also in charge of the transfer of all appropriate records to an electronic format.