Epson Printer Drivers

Epson Printer Drivers is the link between your Computer and the award-winning Epson Printers. It enables your Computer to command and control these robust printing machines.

How To Download Epson Printer Drivers?

  1. Turn On your Computer. Make sure it is hooked to a stable, high-speed Internet Connection.

  2. Now, bring up a Web Browser on your Device.

  3. Next, you should visit Epson’s official website. In other words, use “” as a URL to access the required webpage.

  4. On the very first page, it requires you to specify your Country Name. Hence, choose appropriately.

  5. Thereafter, go to the very top of the following window. Look for various tabs like For Home, For Work etc.

  6. Hover your cursor over “Epson Printer Support” and expand it.

  7. Click on “Printers” from the expanded Menu list.

  8. The following window displays a “Search Bar” prompting you to provide your Printer’s Model Number.

  9. Hence, enter the same properly. Then, press the “Enter” key.

  10. Else, you can select your Product by searching your Printer from the following Category.

  11. On the following window, go for the “Downloads” section.

  12. Here, you must click on the OS drop-down box.

  13. Then, select your Computer’s OS. This is essential as different Drivers are available for different OS.

  14. Consequently, you will get a list of Epson Printer Drivers available for Printer.

  15. You can get details of the available option by clicking on the Driver Name.

  16. Finally, click on the “Download” tab for the selected Printer Drivers. However, it is advised to download the complete package as it includes all the software required for your Printer’s optimized usage.

  17. With this, the downloading process begins. Hence, wait for the same.

  18. Once the process finishes, proceed to Install the Epson Printer Drivers.

How To Install Epson Printer Drivers?

For Windows Device

  1. Locate the downloaded Setup File for Epson Printer Drivers on your Computer.

  2. Once located, double-click on it to bring up the Installer.

  3. Click “Run” when you get a pop-up box.

  4. The following window seeks your permission for Installation. Hence, click “Yes”.

  5. Click “OK” if it seeks your permission to launch the Installer.

  6. On the following window, access the End User Software License Agreement and carefully read its terms.

  7. Thereafter, select the corresponding box for “I accept the terms”.

  8. After that, click “Next”.

  9. Subsequently, it takes you to the “Software Selection” webpage. Here, you will find a list of software available for Installation. Select the appropriate options. In case of any confusion, select all of the options.

  10. Finally, click “Install”.

  11. This will begin the Installation process for Epson Printer Drivers.

  12. Now, wait for the Installation to finish.

  13. Click “Next” on the Printer Setup” window.

  14. Follow on-screen instructions to establish connection between your Printer and the Computer.

  15. When you get the Printer Setup Complete window, click “Exit”.

  16. At last, Restart your Computer.

Epson Printer Drivers for Mac Device

  1. Locate the downloaded Setup File for Epson Printer Drivers on your Computer.

  2. Once located, double-click on it to bring up the Installer.

  3. In case if it prompts for Administrator Access. Then, provide your Mac login Name and Password. Then. click “OK”.

  4. Click “Continue”.

  5. Read the terms listed on the End User Software Licence Agreement window.

  6. Then, click “Continue”.

  7. If it seeks your consent, click “Agree”.

  8. Finally, click “Install” on the following Standard Installation window.

  9. Wait while the Epson Printer Drivers Installation process completes.

  10. Then, click “Next”.

  11. Go through the Connection Setup process.

  12. Then, click “Close”.

  13. At last, Restart your Mac Device.

  14. Thereafter, add the Epson Printer to your Mac Device at its Applications Folder.