Keynotes & Sessions

Thank you for checking out Alice's sessions! In general, these sessions run about an hour, but Alice is nothing if not flexible and always has more to say, so most sessions can fill a longer time frame, or be applied as an all day workshop if desired. With rare exception, Alice's sessions are interactive and hands on, but the Chrome extensions and add-ons that will be shared are not tablet friendly. Participants should bring a laptop or Chromebook to Alice's presentation. Participants should also come prepared for an energetic and fun day of learning with Alice!


IN the future, Cars drive themselves

The future is now, cars already drive themselves so what does that mean about the possibilities for our students? Technology influences how we live our everyday lives, so it should be a part of the everyday classroom. Students now have technology and Google Apps at their fingertips, let’s embrace these tools and use them in innovative ways to create amazing learning environments for our kids!

Shifting to student centered classrooms: the 7stages of grief (not tech related)

In a student centered classroom we remember that “the person doing the work is the person doing the learning.” Technology can help shift from a traditional teacher centered model to a student centered classroom; however, do not expect this to be unicorns and rainbows. Students asking for worksheets, “can’t you just tell me” and other forms of resistance should be expected. Students go through the 7 stages of grief when moved to a student centered model, let’s help them through this to let them really shine!

Let's ask (teach like google and youtube, how we shift our teaching when we have tech)

It's a new day and age in our schools. Gone are the days of card catalogs and relying on an encyclopedia as the best source of information. Let's teach in a way that takes advantage of the many resources at our students' fingertips! How can we create a learning environment that not only acknowledges all the amazing tech around us, but embraces it and uses it to it's fullest potential? How can we encourage our students to be better and more excited learners with the use of tech. Google and YouTube exists: let's capitalize on that to make our classes awesome!

Wow the game of school: what if school was more like world of warcraft


going google (when your district is new to adopting g suite)


Stop saying paperless

Google Classroom is not about making your class digital, it's about improving interactions with students. New possibilities arise that allow us to teach differently when we embrace what technology can do. We can give faster, and thus more effective, feedback while students are encouraged to engage and interact with each other regarding their assignments. The goal is not simply a paperless classroom, but an empowered learning environment. Let's go beyond making our classes paperless and make learning better!

We Teach the future

We live in a unique moment of time where the relevance of what we teach is easily called into question. The dramatic leaps forward that the digital world is causing makes the job of educators increasingly difficult. As photographer Steve Uzell tells us, if “you don’t really know where you are going… then every road is the wrong road, and any road will get you there.” Educators have to know what outcome they are trying to get and what skills they need to cultivate to get that outcome. In this insightful keynote, Alice Keeler will share her thoughts around the skills and outcomes educators should be paying attention to and what paths we can take to get there. She will also help us understand how to get out of the way at the right time so other meaningful learning can occur.


Introduction to Google classroom


Intermediate Google Classroom


Advanced Google Classroom


Teaching with G Suite

Using technology is not about being paperless, it should make learning better. Alice shares tips and techniques to use G Suite to teach. This session d is participant driven and encourages questions from the audience.


This session is unstructured. It is intended to allow participants to ask questions and Alice tailor the experience to the needs of the audience.

Teaching with Google Classroom

Go beyond uploading your files online. Google Classroom is the easiest way to get started with Blended Learning and apply 21st century skills. Technology should change how the classroom functions.

Google Classroom in 30 Minutes

This session can be tailored for beginner, intermediate or advanced users. It is not recommended to mix people who have never used Google Classroom with those looking to go further.

Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

Do you want to do more with Google Classroom? Join Alice Keeler for a fun and fast-paced session full of amazing tips, tricks, and hacks to take your Classroom use to the next level. Once Alice gets started, you won't want her to stop! Don't miss this inspiring session!

Google Classroom Tips

This session is NOT hands on. But it is chock full of tips, tricks and hacks that audience members really enjoy. This session can be as long or as short as you want it, but recommended a minimum of 90 minutes. Alice has a Slides presentation that whips through these tips and leaves teachers wanting more!

Easy wins with Google Classroom That are Transformational

Using technology should allow you to improve interactions with students, not just go paperless. There are many super easy ways to use Google Classroom that is transformation. This is a hands on workshop to allow you to practice creating different types of Google Classroom assignments that require hardly any technological ability.

This workshop has participants using Google Classroom as a student to see 3 different assignment types that require minimal technology skill set but have big gains in learning.

Using G Suite to Increase DOK and the 4 C's

Teaching in the 21st century requires that we reexamine our assignments and update them. Include the 4 C's: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Clearly Communicate Ideas, and Creative Thinking. Consider how to increase the Critical Thinking (DOK). How does G Suite help us to teach differently and prepare students for a digital world ahead of them?

G Suite: DOK

Participants utilize a Google Classroom to try out some assignments that add at least one C and discuss how to increase DOK levels.

Introduction to Coding with Google Apps Script

When using Google Docs have you ever wished it would do _____. Google Apps Script allows you to create custom applications for Google Docs and Drive. This session is for computer users who feel comfortable with copying and pasting. You will be AMAZED at what YOU can do! In this session you will write your own scripts and be able to brag to all your friends that you can code.

Google Apps Script for Noobs: You CAN Code!

This session is best if it is at least 90 minutes. This provides participants an opportunity to do a couple of basic coding projects in Google Apps Script to get them started on their coding journey. They will by no means be ninja's at coding by the end of this session, but should be enough to get them started in the right direction. And it feels cool to say you've coded.

Teaching with Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are one of the most useful tools for educators, yet the most underutilized! Spreadsheets help you be more efficient and improve your ability to react to student needs. Students use spreadsheets to organize and collaborate.

This workshop can be tailored to be for beginners or more advanced users.

Collaboration Activities with G Suite

Write collaboration super huge at the top of your lesson plans. Collaboration is an earmark of 21st century teaching. Beyond the typical group work, what kinds of collaboration activities can you do? Create different kinds of collaboration activities. Will include Google Classroom activities but applicable for non Google Classroom users also.


Do not jump in the deep end with Google Classroom. Shifting to digital tools is NOT about dumping all of your stuff online, that is hard and confusing to manage. Going digital is not about being paperless, it is a shift in mindset for how you can improve interactions with students. This session assumes you know the bare bones basics of Google Classroom (Try a quick look at


If you are currently a Google Classroom user, this session will go beyond the basics to show you how to get the MOST out of Google Classroom. You will learn to use Chrome extensions to enhance your use of Google Classroom and dive into using Add Ons and Scripts to hack what you can do with Google Classroom. This practical, hands on, and fun session is a MUST for anyone who wants to take Google Classroom to the next level. Please note: The best device to have for this session is a laptop. Add ons and chrome extensions do not work on a tablet. Tablet users will learn great tips and tricks but many will need to be practiced later on a computer.

Math and G Suite


Using Twitter for professional Learning


Creating Google Sites for portfolios or other classroom purposes


Faster Feedback with google classroom

The faster the feedback the more motivated students are. Research shows that high quality feedback is one of the best things we can do to improve learning for students. Go beyond simply giving a grade and help students to be excited about learning. Google Classroom uniquely allows you to provide faster feedback and build deeper relationships with students.