• Boring
  • Does not use real numbers
  • DOK 1
  • Last question is DOK 2 but if you write it on paper... harder to give meaningful feedback.
  • Not enough room to do work
  • Collaboration: Nope
  • Critical Thinking: Not really
  • Creative Thinking: Nope, will get 30 of the same thing
  • Clearly Communicates Ideas: Has a chance on the last problem

How do I put my worksheets into G Suite?


  • How does technology allow me to interact better with students?
  • How does tech allow for more empowering students to be more independent learners?
  • What will the students be looking up?
  • What decisions does the student make?
  • How will students collaborate?
  • What kind of feedback will they get?
  • Will this provide feedback CONVERSATIONS?
  • How can I avoid collecting 30 of the same thing?
  • What do the students have to "figure out" rather than follow procedural steps?
  • How does the tech collect data?

Increase the DOK

  • Inquiry and Discovery.
  • Analyze over Memorize.
  • Give less directions.
  • Have the students write the guided questions.
  • Think puzzle "Strategic thinking" not "Follow steps."
  • Make a claim and justify it.
  • Value the process and journey not the result.
  • Less of you. Stop doing the thinking for the students.
  • Start with students THINKING rather than copying.
  • Copying is DOK 0
  • Can they do the problem multiple ways? Can they represent it visually? Describe it? Teach it to others?
  • Support with evidence, not just give the answer.
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