Sr.Mona's Grade 1

Work for the week of Tue.,May.,26- Fri.,May.29

Tuesday., May 26.,2020

Math pg 257

Raz-Kids : Read the book “Our Camping Trip” or “ 100th Day Project”. Click on the spaceship that shows “My Assignments” you’ll find it there. SSP students will read “ My New City” or “Bananas Sometimes” and you'll also find it under “My Assignments”. Don’t forget to record yourself and take the quiz at the end.

Wednesday.,May 27., 2020

Math pg 258

Journal Topic: Write about what you did on Eid. You can write 3-5 sentences, if you want to write more that’s fine. Draw a picture to go with your journal. Don’t forget to write your name and the date on lined paper. Neat printing, finger space, and skip lines.

Thursday., May 28., 2020

Math pg 261

Language worksheet on Verbs. I’ll post it on ClassDojo and my website. If you’re unable to print it use lined paper.

Friday,May.,29, 2020

Math pg 262