Sr. Maimoona's Grade 6 Website

Assalamu Alaikum Grade 6 Students and Parents! Welcome to your website where you can find announcements and information about classwork, homework, and assessments.

Do You Have Your Binders?

A BIG THANKS goes out to all of the parents and students who have already brought their organized binders to school.

If you don't have your binders yet, they were due on January 28, so please bring then right away. Please organize and label them at home before bringing them to school. Here is link to the note in case you missed it.

Are You On Bloomz Yet?

Alhamdulillah most of the 6A and 6B parents are on Bloomz now! If you are not on Bloomz yet, please join ASAP!! This is a very important tool for parent-teacher communication that includes direct messaging, behaviour feedback, and online student portfolios.

I have sent several notes home with the access code for your child's class. If you need another copy or if you are having any technical difficulties with the website, please email me. JZK!

Have You Turned In Your Parent's Questionnaire?

A Parent Questionnaire was sent home during the second week of January. If you haven't yet submitted it and need another copy, please click the link below. JZK!