Welcome to Grade 6A


My name is Sr. Tahani Buhlaiga and I am your child’s Grade 6A homeroom teacher. I am a University of Windsor graduate with a Bachelor of French Studies as well as a Bachelor of Education.

I am passionate about children’s literature so I am always seeking to find new educational and Islamic topics that help young children make meaning of the world around them.

· My mission as a teacher is to instill in my students that learning is fun.

· Every day I will greet them with “assalamualaikum” and enthusiasm, model an Islamic positive attitude, and treat them with respect in a fair, giving, and caring manner.

· I will recognize their strengths, reward their efforts, and reinforce their achievements.

· I will encourage my students to try their best, believe in themselves, and never give up.

· I will help them develop a high self-esteem by teaching them to take responsibility for their actions, solve problems appropriately, and be good citizens.

· I will empower my students with an “I can do it!” attitude so they can reach their maximum potential and be the best they can be.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a concern by calling the office and making an appointment.

Jazakum Allah kheir, and insha’Allah your child will have a successful year in Grade 6A!