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Al-Furqan School Part-Time Programs in After-Abraar, East and West

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Please check this homework website to learn what is happening in your child's classroom Insha Allah.
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  • Ramadan Activity Competition booklet . Special prizes for those who complete all activities.
  • Internal Quran Competition will take place in the classroom in the next two weeks, please let your child's teacher know if you do not wish your child to participate.
  • Sign-up for Annual Student and Family Celebration on April 25th Insha Allah at Tubes and JuJubes - Cost is $10/person and at least one supervising parent must attend. Register online at https://tinyurl.com/alfs2019
  • Tax Receipts will be sent to parents by the MAC head office

If you do not receive your tax receipts by March 1st, you may register at our form for missing tax receipts: https://goo.gl/forms/IanKHnrb7sw50JLV2

  • Urgent: School Closure in East due to building not available on March 20th
  • There will be no school in the March Break from March 11 to 15, 2019 in any location.
  • Check with your child's teacher in case they are having a class party in snack time - all food must be nut free

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Resource for Online Quran Review: KSU Quran and House of Quran

YouTube Resources for Quran Practice:

Juz 28 https://youtu.be/_Kzsf_YZ4e0

Juz 29 https://youtu.be/dALqc54jkUE

Juz 30 https://youtu.be/9FYYm0UNfJk

Nooraniya https://youtu.be/eQAKkZiR4wM?list=PLBFL7-zYVt8WpA1c4EprdlLOMcu9arE7D

School Important Dates & Closures:

Important Dates

EAST Closures: Jan 30, Mar 20th, May 6th – June 5th (Ramadan Break); WEST: May 7th to June 5th (Ramadan Off)

Feb 6th / 7th, 2019 – Progress Reports

Mar 7th, 2018 - PD Days for Teachers

June 19th / 20th 2019 – Final Report Cards (E/AA/W)

June 15nd, 2019 – Annual Quran Competition

May 30th, 2019 – AA Last Day

June 19th / 20th, 2019 – Last day of classes (E,W)

Stat Holidays

Feb 18, 2019 Family Day

Mar 11 – 15th , 2019 March Break

Dec 24, 2018 to Jan 4th, 2019 Winter Break

April 19 / 22, 2019 Stat Holiday

May 20th, 2019 Stat Holiday

2019 Ramadan Break Notice: May 6th to June 6th, 2019 (East & West locations only)

West Location & East Location closed in Ramadan (tentative May 5th, 2019) and until Eid-Al-Fitr (tentative June 5th, 2019) for a break to enable our community to spend time with family at Iftaar time. School resumes in June from 10th to 20th June, 2019 insha Allah. The After-Abraar location will continue as usual until May 30th, 2019 without the Ramadan Break.