Counseling Center


Helping each individual student reach their own maximum potential - personally, academically, socially and through post secondary goals - equipping them with 21st Century skills so they will be contributing members of society.

Our Vision Statement

The students of Alexander Central High School will graduate career and college ready; well prepared to be contributing members of society. All students will participate in curriculum that challenges their ability and will be provided opportunities for personal, social and emotional growth. Students will benefit from positive relationships as well as partnerships with the school, families, outside agencies and our diverse community. As successful productive individuals, our students will make a positive difference in our school and community.

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe each student is unique and has special abilities, talents and interests that must be recognized and nurtured to prepare them to function in a global society.
  2. Every student deserves an equal opportunity to counseling and educational resources and will be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. We believe a successful program requires the support and participation of all school staff, parents, guardians, outside agencies and the community to further student achievement.
  4. Our Comprehensive School Counseling Program is continuously refined and improved through data driven evaluations to meet the needs of our diverse community.
  5. We believe in developing positive professional relationships with our students.