ALEX Unpacked Content

Expert Alabama teachers dissect (unpack) content standards to identify specific knowledge, skills, vocabulary, understanding, and evidence of student attainment. Seventy-five teachers from across the state will have participated in unpacking events including the Arts, Digital Literacy and Computer Science, and World Languages Courses of Study by July 2018. To see unpacked content, follow the instructions below.

Instructions to See Unpacked Content

  1. Go to

  2. Go to the Resources Menu.

  3. Go to Courses of Study and choose the desired course of study.

  4. Choose a grade or course.

  5. Click the minus sign in each standard to see unpacked content.

Unpacked Content is Available for the following courses:

  • Math (must be logged in to view due to copyright)

  • ELA (must be logged in to view due to copyright)

  • Science

  • Social studies

  • Digital Literacy and Computer Science

  • World Languages