Digital Literacy and Computer Science Course of Study Events and Resources

DLCS Companion Website

This site is a companion to the Alabama Digital Literacy Computer Science Course of Study that is intended to assist educators in finding resources to effectively teach the standards. Click here to visit the site.

DLCS Unpacked Content

Unpacked content standards are dissected by expert Alabama teachers to identify specific knowledge, skills, vocabulary, understanding, and evidence of student attainment for each standard will be completed by the end of FY18. Click here for more information about unpacked content.

DLCS Presentations

ALEX is organizing 13 concurrent sessions to be held AETC related to the strands in the Digital Literacy and Computer Science Course of Study. DLCS presentations are also scheduled for Summer Conference, and ALET. Presentations were recently given at the Governor's Computer Science Summit. Click here for the conference program that includes the full schedule of presentations.