Middle School Special Education

Contact Information

Mark Reeves


(319) 842-2263


Hello, My name is Mark Reeves. This will be my first year teaching here at Alburnett. I will be teaching 6th-8th Grade Special Education. As a special education teacher at Alburnett, I work with students one on one and in small group, but will primarily be in the classroom teaching alongside other teachers throughout the day.

How Students' Progress Will Be Monitored

Students' working with me will not follow a traditional grading scale. Students progress will be monitored according to their individual needs. Standards being used will also reflect their individual needs based on areas that students can best be supported. Student's goals will be created with the standards in mind.

Guiding Practices

Guiding practices for special education will be based on students goals and individual needs.

Alburnett CSD is moving towards a Standards Based Learning model to ensure that we are addressing the four critical points to student learning:

1) What do we want students to know and be able to do?

2) How do we know they are learning?

3) What do we do when they're not learning?

4) How do we respond when they've already learned the information?