Mr. Macke's Web Page

Welcome to my web page!

My name is Adam Macke and I am a University of Northern Iowa graduate having majored in English Education while also obtaining my ESL endorsement. I was raised in Solon, IA and have lived in the great state of Iowa my entire life. For the time being, I reside with my wife and two sons in Cedar Falls. This is my first year teaching and I am super excited to be a part of the Alburnett community and teaching profession!

Classroom Expectations

RESPECT is the word I would use to best describe the behavioral expectation in my classroom. At the end of the day, if we respect each other, we can feel comfortable enough to take risks and learning will happen. I would just ask myself, "am I bothering another person or inhibiting another persons' ability to learn or feel comfortable in the classroom?" If the answer is no, we are on the right track.

No cell phones allowed unless otherwise stated.

Current class list:

-Oral Communications

-English 9

-World Literature

-AP Literature

-Writing in the Real World

Homework Policy/Philosophy

I realize that our kids are busy. Because of this, I will try and provide students with ample time IN CLASS to write and practice the skills required to succeed. The plan is to not assign homework for grades, but to provide worksheets and other practice materials that will help students work on a particular skill or standard. Students will be then assessed and graded on that skill or standard in class. Therefore, homework will not be graded (with some exceptions: Research papers/finishing work from class if class time isn't used wisely), but I will try my hardest provide students with whatever I can in order to help them succeed.

Grading Policy

Assessments and opportunities to show knowledge and mastery of skills and standards will be provided in class.

A 93-10 C 74-76

A- 90-92 C - 70-73

B+ 87-89 D+ 67-69

B 84-86 D 64-66

B- 80-83 D- 60-63

C+ 77-79 F 59 and below

Reassessment Policy

The priority in my classroom will be making progress no matter what. It's more important to make sure students "get it" eventually than to fail and not "get it" ever. All students will be provided opportunities to reassess on a case-by-case basis. This doesn't mean students can try over and over again at will until they get the score they desire. Students will be responsible for providing proof that they have gained mastery of a particular skill prior to reassessing. This could be anything from completing a practice worksheet to a quick conversation with me before reassessment.