Greetings. This is Mr. Galloway's website.

Contact Information

Pete Galloway, High School Math Teacher

MA, Mathematics Education (5-12)

319-842-2266 (High School Office)

Hello, I'm Mr. Galloway. I'm very excited to be starting my third year here at Alburnett High School! I teach AP Calculus, Precalculus, and Algebra II. (And Algebra 1 in the Spring Semester.)

Grading Practices

Grades represent an understanding of the Iowa CORE Mathematics Standards. Each assessment will be assessed based on the general proficiency scale shown below (made more specific for each individual standard assessed).

Proficiency levels will be scaled in Powerschool as follows:

  • 4. Fully Meets: calculates to A
  • 3. Progressing: calculates to B
  • 2. Developing: calculates to C
  • 1. Limited Progress: calculates to D
  • 0. No Evidence: calculates to F or to I, for "Incomplete"

Formative Assessments

Formative assessments (also known as homework) provide students with much needed practice and feedback on their understanding before they're more formally assessed using summative assessments (also known as tests). Students are often allowed or encouraged to work on their formative assessments together to help each other better understand the concepts being practiced. We will also frequently check formative assessments in class, or students will be encouraged to check their own understanding using posted answer keys.

Since more often than not, students worked together or used a posted answer key to help them with some of the tricky questions, these formative assessments do not affect their grade in the class, since they're not necessarily a true reflection of the student's own understanding.

However, since these formative assessments help students practice necessary skills to be successful on summative assessments, they are required to be completed to a proficiency level of at least Progressing before the student is eligible to take a summative assessment.

Summative Assessments

Summative assessments are the opportunity for students to demonstrate their own understanding of a priority standard. These assessments will be taken individually, without help from classmates, and will be used to calculate the students' grades in the class.

Reassessments will be offered after each assessment, and the improved reassessment score will replace the original score. Typically, students will individually schedule reassessments during Pirate Time. I will continue to give students the opportunity to improve their proficiency level until the next unit's Summative Assessment.

In order for a student to be eligible to reassess, he/she must meet the criteria described on the "Request to Reassess Form" shown below.

How to Check Powerschool:

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