Greetings. This is Mr. Galloway's website.

Contact Information

Pete Galloway, High School Math Teacher

MA, Mathematics Education (5-12)

319-842-2266 (High School Office)

Hello, I'm Mr. Galloway. I'm very excited to be starting my second year here at Alburnett High School! I teach AP Calculus, Precalculus, and Algebra II.

Grading Practices

Grades represent an understanding of the Iowa CORE Mathematics Standards. Each assessment will be assessed based on the following district-wide proficiency scale.

Reassessments will be offered after each assessment, and the reassessment score will replace the original score. Typically, we will set a specific reassessment date a few days after the original assessment when anyone who wishes will come to my classroom during Pirate Time to reassess. I will continue to give students the opportunity to improve their proficiency level, but after the official reassessment, any further reassessment will be done on an individual basis.

The few days between the original assessment and the reassessment gives students the time to earn the right to reassess by completing the following reassessment criteria:

  • Complete and understanding all the homework assignments for the unit
  • Fix any errors on their original assessment
  • Come to Mr. Galloway's room for Pirate Time to get help on anything that's still tricky. (Student Pirate Time self-request form)

Proficiency levels will be scaled in Powerschool as follows:

  • Fully Meets: 6/6 = 100%
  • Progressing: 5/6 = 83%
  • Developing: 4/6 = 67%
  • Limited Progress: 1,2 or 3/6 = 17%-50%
  • No Evidence: 0/6 = 0%