Ms. Franck (Secondary English)


Teacher: Linda Franck


School Number: 319-842-2263


I grew up in a small town and have always wanted to be a teacher. After high school, I went to the University of Northern Iowa receiving a BA in English Education in 1985. I began teaching at Alburnett in the fall of 1986 and have never taught anywhere else. GO PIRATES!!!!


High School Students will be graded on homework/classwork, quizzes, tests, and a semester test. The content will directly related to the Core Standards.

Middle school students will be graded homework/classwork, quizzes, and tests. The content will directly related to the Core Standards.


If a student participates and follows the curriculum, they will pass any of my courses.

A student's behavior is in no way connected to their grade unless a student does not try at all to better him/herself.

Grades will be input to Power School as quickly as it can be graded, baring in mind that essays will take longer than other work.

Grades will appear ongoing in Power School and are up-to-date within a day or two.


Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Writing, and Language


Retakes for quizzes or testing can be scheduled with the teacher withing two weeks of the original quiz or test.

Before the student can retake a quiz or test, the student must prove through handwritten notes to demonstrate that they have studied the material again.

The retake will cover the same material, but it will not be a duplicate of the original.

Only one retake can be done and the highest score of the two will be recorded.

Homework can be redone for a higher score only while the class is still in the current unit.


No extra credit is accepted for any reason.


Students are expected to treat classmates, teachers, and any school personnel with respect. Students should not interrupt others, be belligerent, bully students or teachers, and stay in seat while the teacher or others are speaking.

Students are responsible for their own learning, so they should keep up with what they have missed while absent, and talk with the teacher if they do not understand.

A complete sheet of guidelines will be given to each student on the first day they class.