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Spirit Week Fun:

Nerd Day

Super Hero Day

Fantastic First Grade

February, although short, is a super busy month! We have "I Love to Read Month", Spirit Week, and Valentine's Day.

Here are a few upcoming reminders:

    • Show and Tell this week: McKayla, Gunnar, Olivia, Penelope
    • February 11 - 14 SPIRIT WEEK: Monday (Nerd Day), Tuesday (Tacky Tourist Day), Wednesday (Super Hero Day), Thursday (School Colors, maroon and blue)
    • February 14 - Valentine's Day
    • February 18 - No School, President's Day
    • February 28 - Early Out @ 2pm for Parent-Teacher Conferences (2:30pm - 8pm)
    • March 4 - March 7: Dr. Seuss Week (theme days to be announced soon)

I Love to Read Month

February is "I Love to Read" month! We have many exciting activities for the students.

Each day, the students will participate in D.E.A.R. time - Drop Everything and Read - from 12-12:15. When they participate in this time, they will receive a ticket. Each morning the tickets are gathered and a name is pulled at lunch. The student who is drawn gets to pick out a free book.

From the reading logs (turned in each Monday), the students' minutes will be recorded into a Google doc. Each time they reach 150 minutes of recorded reading time, the students' mountain climber will reach the top of a mountain (located in the cafeteria).

Also from the reading logs, for every 150 minutes a child reads they will be given a ticket to put into the jar for a participating teacher to get a pie in the face. The teachers will be drawn on Thursdays.

The I Love to Read Mountain Peaks


The snow has been so much fun! The students are making snow angels as you can see. We would love to have a sled or two but the kids are pretty creative in what they can use instead.

Here are the kids showing off The Phonics Dance.


We are sorting and recording data. We've been sorting almost everything in our classroom and counting in groups of 10 along the way (if you need to do inventory at work, you can hire us out). In our creativity, we decided to sort ourselves (me excluded) into 6-year olds and 7-year olds. We have 12 students, six boys and six girls; we are split down the middle in age! To top it off, one student observed that the boys are ALL 7-years old and the girls are ALL 6-year olds. Every student is doing such a great job with this unit. Telling time is up next so start practicing counting by 5's!!

Sorting Fun!


In our Reading, are our high frequency words are four, over, two, five, starts, watch, into, three. We are also concentrating on CVCe words. These are "consonant-vowel-consonant-silent e" words. The silent "e" makes the vowel say it's name (for example: make). Our focus words this week are came, make, brave, late, gave, shape.

Please continue to fill out reading logs - return on Monday and I will check and return back to you. I ask that you read with, to, or let your child read aloud to you. This promotes family time, encourages reading, and improves reading. I only ask for 10 minutes each night and this can be a magazine, a book, a menu, cans at the grocery store - you can be creative in your choices.

Thanks and happy reading!!

Don't forget the reading logs so your children can earn their personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

Congratulations to the following students for earning a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza for January: Penelope, Olivia, McKayla, Fisher, Josh, Gunnar, Emily and Kristofer - each of them turned in their reading log with at least 10-minutes of reading per night recorded. Great Job!!! The coupons will be in their reading log folder.

Please continue to review these high frequency words:

a, are, go, I, like, is, see, the, to, we, for, he, what, have, too, look, do, sing, find, no, funny, they, no, said, who, me, my, all, friend, hold, pull, full, many, good, away, every, call, said, come, hear, her, she, now, today, our, would, been, never, own, brown, off, very, know, out.

Science/Social Studies

We will be talking about President's Day and exploring our maps.