Alberton Home

Fantastic First Grade

The onset of rain is reminding us of Montana weather and how unpredictable it can be. Please remember to provide your child with layers - hat, coat, light coat, gloves or mittens. Many students have been asking me for gloves. Please send your child with gloves, the morning recess is cold. Our classroom can be a bit chilly and the outside temperature can change in an instant. It is also important to remember to pack extra clothes as the slides are usually wet and this doesn't deter six and seven year old's.

We had such an amazing Field Trip along with the Pre-K and the Sixth Grade. We successfully hiked, snacked, hiked some more, went to the park for lunch and play, enjoyed our time at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and had a treat from McDonalds. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for this incredible outing.

This coming week is Red Ribbon Week!

    • Monday - wear neon
    • Tuesday - wear boots
    • Wednesday - wear red
    • Thursday - wear PJ's

Here are a few upcoming reminders:

  • Wednesday, October 24 - Picture day
  • Thursday, October 25- Sealants for Smiles - I've received all form from those who wish to have their child participate
  • Wednesday, October 31 - Halloween Costume Parade (through school) and Party - students can bring their costumes to school to change into after lunch. Please leave any costume weapons at home.
  • Saturday, October 27 - Halloween carnival and Open House


We will begin Unit 3 this week! The children are all doing so well in their understanding of our math concepts so far. In unit 3 we will be looking at unknown numbers for addition and subtraction. Children this age tend to read equations only one way. If they see 10 = ____ + 6 they tend to answer 16 because they are so used to only finding the answer of the sum. I have been emphasizing the importance of algebraic thinking and how the numbers on each side of the equal sign must be equal for the equation to be equal. Although this seems simple to most of us grownups, it is a rather difficult concept for young children.


In our Reading, are our high frequency words are does, all, here, me, my, who; (please continue to review a, are, go, I, like, is, see, the, to, we, for, he, what, have, too, look, do, sing, find, no, funny, they). Our consonant sounds are y, w, k, v, j. Our vowel sound is short /e/ (leg, wet, web), spelling words are web, wet, leg, hen, yet, pen.

Please continue to fill out reading logs - return on Monday and I will check and return back to you. I ask that you read with, to, or let your child read aloud to you. This promotes family time, encourages reading, and improves reading. I only ask for 10 minutes each night and this can be a magazine, a book, a menu, cans at the grocery store - you can be creative in your choices.

Thanks and happy reading!!

Don't forget the reading logs so your children can earn their personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

This is such a great idea! If you order through Scholastic and want it to be a gift just send me a quick note and let me know so I don't send it home with your child. We can hold it in the office if you want :-).

Science/Social Studies

Our Pumpkin investigations are off to a great start. We will continue this for the next week or two depending on interruptions that always seem to happen :-). We will observe, measure, predict, and taste.

Look at our beautiful pumpkin!

What a wonderful day for a field trip!

Beautiful Day in Missoula!

Back of the pack.

The Sixth graders were so helpful and great 'buddies' for the Pre-K and First graders.

Deborah was the BEST tour guide!!

We all have our antlers on.

Looking for all the amazing animals.

For First and Pre-K students it doesn't get much better than skulls and skat.

Ms. Tammy is THE GREATEST bus driver!!!

Treats at McD's

Really good stuff