Director´s notes

Sato, a human story

As children, and many of us even as adults, have dreams that seem impossible to achieve, and believe we have a gift that can help us make those apparently impossible dreams come true. We can´t decide if it’s the gift that drives the dream or that we dare dream due to the gift, but it is certain that our “aptitude” for mathematics, “knack” for sports or “talent” for music is in many cases the spark that drives our life and makes us feel particular, different, even “special”.

There are people who have the gift of seeing negative or positive things that the rest of us can´t see even if they’re right in front of us; poverty, modern slavery, injustice or the good in the hearts of other people, even the most wicked; they dream of a better, more fair and human world, and although they are not mathematicians or super-athletes, these men and women seem to have a kind of X-Ray Vision with which they not only can see reality as it is or the soul of people, but they can see, among the thick smoke of our allegedly modern life filled with machines, computers, Internet and consumerism, paths for others to escape from the fire that is destroying our most human trait: empathy.

Whether it is through art, mathematics or “X-Rays”, there is a moment in life for all of us when, almost always by chance, we decide to seize the challenge of completely accepting our gifts and efforts and make our dreams come true… or reject the gifts that God and Mother Nature give us and simply resign ourselves to living an empty life.

This is the Sato tale, a common dog like all of us, that has a dream, a gift and a challenge.

Álvaro Cáceres