Parents & Guardians

Hello! Thank you for checking out this site. I believe that parents and guardians are a crucial part of quality education. Support and guidance at home monumentally impacts almost everything here at school. It is my hope that by working together, every single student can be successful in my class this year. Though my definition of success might be slightly out of the box.

I have a large list of goals for the students who spend the year with me. While it is very important, mastering the subject matter is always relatively low on that list. First and foremost I want each and every kid to leave my room as a better person, friend, student and family member. My hope is that they are more open minded, that they think more critically and never accept the status quo. It is important to me that they learn the core skills (quality writing, critical reading, public speaking, etc) that will serve them well no matter where they end up in life. They should leave my room much more aware of the events happening both in our country and abroad; it is always a revelation for some that life extends past Albany, Oregon. Another goal of mine each year is to have students enjoy coming to class. My philosophy has always been that if they walk through the door with a smile they are much more likely to dive into the challenges you put in front of them. If we can achieve those things this year, each and every student will be set up well for the rest of high school and beyond.

One thing I always challenge students with is taking ownership and responsibility for their education. I need your help as parents and guardians with this. If your student has a question, problem, or issue that needs to be dealt with, please have them come talk to me about it. Advocating for themselves' is a huge skill that too many struggle with. Even if it is difficult, have them try and talk to me about things first. For example, if your students is out sick or will miss class time on vacation, have them check in with me (ahead of time preferably) about the work they will miss. Then if there needs to be additional follow up or clarification, please do not hesitate to call/email me. Parent/guardian & teacher communication is crucial and I am always here to answer questions or concerns! I will put all of my contact information below.

I am looking forward to getting to know your student and having a fantastic year! Thanks again!

Brandon Johnson

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Classroom needs:

If you feel like contributing to the classroom, we could always use:

  • White board markers
  • Pens
  • Notebook paper
  • Colored pencils