AP US History

Welcome to AP US History! I am excited to have you in this class!

Over the course of the year we will examine United States history from 1607 to the present. This will not be your typical history class of memorizing dates, names and battles. We will be diving into WHY things happened and HOW those events impacted life for REAL people. My hope is that it will open your eyes to the complexity and nuance of the subject and possibly spark a desire to continue studying history!

This is an Advanced Placement course designed and implemented by the College Board, a company that also designs the SAT among other educational platforms. By signing up for this rigorous course, you are committing to put forth the extra effort required for AP curriculum. Also, be prepared to THINK. You will be challenged to think critically and asked to communicate your analysis through writing (we will write A LOT) , classroom discussion and formal presentations. At the end of this course you will have the option to take the AP US History exam for college credit. This is a difficult test and to perform well on it you must put in the time and effort all year to master the content.

College Board breaks down US History into nine historical periods. You will see these broken down by the drop down tab on my website and there is a sub-page for each unique period.

Here are the Syllabus & Calendar for the course:

I am looking forward to a great year!