Peer Leader Navigators

Anchorage, Alaska

PLNs help people find important information and services.

PLN Mission: To breakdown barriers to health and healthcare access information for underrepresented communities in Anchorage.

PLN Vision: A connected, healthy, and diverse community.

The mission of PLNs has expanded during the Pandemic.

The "health" of our community is about more than physical health.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, PLNs have taken on many new roles and now help people with many different things, including food access, rent assistance, education questions, signing up for public assistance, and much more. PLNs connect clients to information and can help fill out applications.

What is a CPLN?

We added the "C" to our name to include all the extra things we are doing in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. PLNs have a reputation in their communities already as health promoters, so we wanted to differentiate the expanded mission.

Need Help finding information or applying for assistance?

There are three ways to contact a CPLN for help...

  1. Call or text 907-290-3639

  1. Fill out the easy online form below: (

To open this form on your phone, scan this QR code with your phone's camera:

This website was originally created for and inspired by Anchorage PLNs, but everyone is welcome! It is important to find good sources of information that you can trust. You can learn about many important life topics like health concerns, how to find healthcare, family life and healthy living, emergency preparedness, financial help, and more.

Any local or regional information is local to the municipality of Anchorage and state of Alaska.