Assignment 1:


Fall in North Kenai

All six photos shown here (including the banner photo) were shot using my iPhone 6s. For all six, I wanted to convey the feeling of slowing down that fall brings. I took all photos in one weekend while visiting my in-laws who live in Nikiski (they like to call it North Kenai). With colors changing, I figured it would be a great weekend to do this assignment.

To make the photos look more appealing, I used a free Adobe app called PS Express. This app is the most versitile (and easy-to-understand) photo editing app I've ever used. The app offers an impressive amount of filters and more than just your basic lighting options, like exposure, contrast and highlights. PS Express offers Effects, such as clarity and defog, and Details, like sharpen, reduce luminance noise, and reduce color noise. Without Effects and Details, the photo of the moon shining on the water wouldn't have been the same.

On the iPhone camera, I turned on HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. This is a feature I use quite frequently when taking closeups. It seems to really bring my photos to life! If you want to know more about HDR and when to use it, check out this video on YouTube.

The concept of working memory (or short-term memory) plays a vital role throughout these photos. The photos allow me to remember glimpses of that weekend and recall special little moments, such as picking cranberries on a mossy mound, that I are easily forgetten once the week begins.