Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Ecology


Institute of Arctic Biology

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Fairbanks, 99775

Phone: 1.907.590.9672

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Research: “Professor Terry Chapin is not only a world-leading ecologist, he is also one of the world’s most profound thinkers and actors on stewardship of the Earth System. Professor Chapin has built a long and productive career that links ecology and ethics in both theory and practice. His novel concepts published over the last 30 years have been widely influential in understanding biological diversity which underpins human well-being. His focus has been on the global Arctic, where ecology meets climate change in the carbon-rich expanses of tundra, permafrost and boreal forest. Professor Chapin works with indigenous groups and local communities in both Siberia and Alaska, and connects local actions and well-being to global sustainability. His overarching theme of Earth Stewardship could not come at a more pivotal time, when deep institutional and structural change is required to meet the challenges ahead for humanity. His research is tremendously inspiring, with its focus on taking responsibility for our actions, our beliefs and our economic, social and political systems. Terry Chapin’s concept of Earth Stewardship as a guiding principle points to the scientifically sound and ethical management of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations, and for the rest of life on Earth. On this 30th anniversary of the Volvo Environment Prize, there could be no more deserving and outstanding Laureate than Terry Chapin.” --- Citation for 2019 Volvo Environment Prize:


His most recent book “Grassroots Stewardship: Sustainability within our Reach” emphasizes actions that individuals can take to trigger transformational change toward a more sustainable future. The book is written for both a general and an academic audience and is grounded in stories, scientific understanding, and practical experience with actions that have proven effective.

In addition to his 10 edited books and more than 500 scientific publications, Chapin is author of the leading textbooks in his major fields of scholarship.

Leadership and action: Chapin has led efforts to integrate natural and social science in support of stewardship in several settings: as past president of the Ecological Society of America and as past director of the Bonanza Creek Long-Term Ecological Program and of the Resilience and Adaptation Graduate Program at the University of Alaska. He has participated in research planning and scientific assessments at international, panarctic, national, state, and community scales. He currently participates in the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition in its efforts to transform Fairbanks toward a more sustainable and equitable pathway through climate-action planning, dialogue among faith communities, and neighborhood solarization campaigns.