UAS Student Housing Information

Spring 2021 Opening Announcement

UAS Student Housing is pleased to announce availability for Spring 2021!

In order to offer a safe and sustainable on campus living experience this spring, UAS will be reducing the number of students who can live on campus. We will place up to two students per unit (apartment or suite), and reserve some housing for quarantine purposes. All students will be provided a private bedroom at no additional cost. If you have not applied for student housing for spring 2021, and would like to be considered for placement, please reach out to us directly at

In order to open for Spring 2021 UAS Housing will be expected to comply with State of Alaska travel and health mandates. This has important implications for move-in. If you will be arriving from out of state, please review the State of Alaska's travel guidance carefully. You will be held to these expectations by UAS.

To learn more about Testing and Student Status when you arrive on campus, visit the Testing and Quarantine webpage.

Housing Approval Process

Spring 2021 Approval Process

All new and current Housing Residents will need to be approved to live on campus for Spring 2021. Approvals will begin on November 16, 2020 and will be processed on a rolling basis until December 4, 2020. If a student is not registered for courses on December 4, 2020, they will be denied for Spring 2021 housing and will be expected to move out by December 14, 2020.

Who will be approved?

Student Housing will give students enrolled in on-campus coursework, who do not have an alternative Juneau permanent address, and who are current residents priority. These specific priorities are not ranked and students will be considered on a case by case basis.

Whenever possible Student Housing wants to provide housing to those students who are currently residing on campus -- however, there may be limited situations in which a resident currently living on campus and enrolled in only online courses will be bumped for a new student who is enrolled in on-campus courses. However, this would only occur if Housing was entirely filled.

Register Promptly

Housing highly recommends registering promptly when priority registration begins on November 9, 2020. In order to do so, you may need to schedule an appointment with your advisor, and you should ensure that you have any account holds removed. If you are unable to register by December 4, you will be denied Housing for Spring 2021.

Early Arrivals and Student Quarantine Needs

Due to the short nature of Winter Break, student housing will not be offering an open, free early move-in or quarantine move-in. If you need to move-in early, contact and we will consider your request. Any early move-ins will be charged up to $300 depending on the length of time required, reason for the early move-in request, etc.


Move-In begins on January 7, 2020. Students are required to obtain a molecular-based test for COVID-19 as a part of the move in process. To learn more, visit the Before Your Arrival webpage.

COVID-19 Restrictions and Policies

In order to ensure student housing is a safe and secure living environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, additional restrictions and policies will apply to all Housing residents. By accepting your application and moving on to campus you are indicating that you will comply with these policies. Please review the COVID-19 policies and restrictions page carefully.