UAS Student Housing Information

University affiliates must also comply with the March 27 state public health mandates regarding intrastate travel and shelter-in-place. The university is updating its policies to reflect those mandates.

Yesterday the department received official notice that Student Housing will be closed for the remainder of the semester until May 4, 2020. This email contains important information regarding refunds, keys, mail forwarding, unit entry, vehicles/bikes, and items left in your units.

If you are currently on campus through exception

We encourage you to consider your long term plans. If you have a plan to transition away for the Summer or Fall semester, we encourage you to begin that process early if at all possible. It is possible that we may be asked to continue reducing the number of residents in Housing. Any student who chooses to depart on or before April 5, 2020 will receive support to ship their items, travel assistance, and prorated housing refunds.

If you are currently on campus through extension

If you are no longer able to leave UAS Housing because of Governor Dunleavy's new intrastate travel mandate, please contact us as soon as possible at

Please complete all items below once you have left housing. We encourage you to take as many items with you as possible, although you are not required to do so. We would appreciate it if you would please pack all items in your unit to the best of your ability for storage or shipment (see "Items", below). Although we have been stretched very thin thus far, we have been able to line up volunteers for airport and ferry drop offs through March 25th. To request assistance, fill out this Airport/Ferry Drop Off form.

For students no longer on campus for Spring 2020


The university may be able to begin processing refunds early the week of March 23rd. We are working quickly to be able to manage this process. You will receive a prorated refund of your housing and meal plan costs based on a departure date of March 17 (or actual departure for those with extensions). Although your refund amount will not be affected, student housing will not process your refund until we have received your mail and room keys. Note that this timeline is based on the department's processing of refunds to your account — it may take several more days for Student Accounts to process your refund once it has been applied by Housing.


Those of you who are not currently on campus, please mail your unit and mail keys in a high quality mailer (i.e. something that will not rip open) to the following address:

UAS Student Housing
Attn: Mindy Bain
4300 University Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

Any keys not returned by April 15, 2020 will result in a $100 charge for room key and a $25 charge for mail key. If you are unable to put your key in the mail prior to April 10th, please notify us at We encourage you to send your mail key via tracked mail. We also encourage you to notify us that you have sent your key and (if possible) submit your tracking number to us through the Key Return Notification form.

Mail forwarding

Please fill out the information for your mail forwarding here if you have not already. We will forward mail for up to 60 days. Note that if you receive a paper paycheck from UAS, you will need to update your mailing address in UA Online, as we are unable to forward paychecks. If you do not provide a mail forwarding address, your mail will be returned to the sender.

Unit entry

Housing and Residence Life staff will need to enter units starting March 20th at 10AM. This is to ensure that there is no damage to units, windows are closed, perishable food items are disposed of, and that all required individuals are out and units are secured. We will continue making unannounced entries into unoccupied units after this date in order to pack, ship, and relocate belongings to storage. Please note that unit inspections will not result in assessment of cleaning charges. However, damage charges may continue to be assessed.


If you have a bike or vehicle on campus, please fill out the Bike/Vehicle Return or Storage form.

Do you have a bike on campus and you plan to come back in the summer or the fall? If so, we can store it for you until then. If you are not planning to come back we can work with you to ship it in a bike box.

With regard to vehicles, if you are planning to come back to campus in the summer or fall, you may keep your vehicle parked in the Student Housing or Main campus lot. If you can provide us keys, we can also put it on a ferry for you if you would like. If you are not planning on returning to housing, you have until May 4th to remove your vehicle, provided it is safe to do so. If you do not believe you can retrieve your vehicle by this time, please contact us at


At this point, Housing is going to pack up remaining items left in units — we need your assistance to determine what to do with them for you. If there is anything immediate that you need, relating to academics or well-being, please submit a request and those items will get shipped out as soon as possible. While we will attempt to meet requests for items outside of those two strict groups (i.e. makeup, work supplies, etc), we may not be able to immediately fill all requests as wellbeing and academic requests will take priority. Our goal is that all other items will be shipped before the end of the semester. If you plan to return to Student Housing in the summer or fall, we can store your items. We may need help identifying who owns what items — if so, we will contact you. Regardless, please fill out the UAS Housing Item Storage/Return Request. If you have already paid to ship your items home, submit your receipt to us at and we will work to reimburse you. The university must receive your documentation prior to April 12th to qualify for reimbursement.

Please note that if you choose to store your items with UAS Housing, we will pack and store non-perishable food for you. If you request your items sent to you, we will be unable to send non-perishable food. Non-perishable food from student housing units will be delivered to the UAS Food Pantry and the Southeast Alaska Food Bank. Student housing will not ship or store any perishable food.

Travel reimbursement

UAS is making funds available to assist you with leaving Juneau to return home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your patience as we worked through a process to make funds available to you.

If finances were a barrier to leaving, we want to remove this barrier for you. Many of you have already made arrangements. For those of you who have purchased airline and ferry tickets, we are working on a process to reimburse you. For those of you who will need to buy tickets, we will be providing you with a process to do so. You’re also welcome to purchase those tickets yourself now that you know of this option, and we will reimburse you.

It may take us a few days to have the processes up and running. In the meantime, we need to know who you are and what your travel needs are — please complete the Travel Assistance or Reimbursement form. We will be in touch with you early next week to guide you through reimbursement/purchase processes.

  • If you’ve received an exception or extension approval - your approval still stands. If you need to modify your extension or expansion request because of this travel offer, please let us know.
  • If you will need an extension request because you are waiting for assistance with making travel arrangements, we will grant that - please just let us know that you’re working with us to make arrangements.

Some important information about our support for your travel:

  • Funds will cover airfare and ferry transportation (including vehicles if you need to transport a current vehicle you have at housing)- no reimbursements will be made for first class tickets or side trips to other places.
  • Mileage reimbursements may also be available for those of you needing to drive after ferry transport.
  • Keep all receipts associated with your travel

Plant/fish fostering

Do you have plants or fish in need of a temporary home? Staff and Faculty across the University have offered to serve as foster homes for you! Fill out the plant/fish foster form to request assistance.

Policy Changes — Effective Immediately for Spring 2020 Housing

The policies below are in effect for Spring 2020, or until our situation changes. We understand that some of these policies are inconvenient and possibly even challenging. However, UAS Housing is making these changes with the support of UAS Leadership to ensure you and your community’s ongoing safety.

Failure to comply with policies below could result in Student Code of Conduct action with sanctions up to and including loss of Housing privileges.


Visitation and Guests is suspended for all residents of housing, including for live-in staff and faculty. This includes visitation between units. Staff members completing official work may continue to enter and work in units other than their own. Individuals making deliveries or picking up people currently living in Housing may continue to utilize the Housing Parking lot and exterior spaces. However, please do not invite these individuals into your unit.

Unit Capacity

For residents remaining on campus through exception, Student Housing is implementing the following changes to room placement and options:

  • No more than two individuals may be placed in a unit at a time.
  • No more than one individual may be placed in a shared bedroom within Housing.

Residents on campus through exception who are still living with more than one other roommate may be asked to move. Housing will choose who is expected to move from a unit that is over capacity at random and we will contact you if a move is needed within your unit. However, if you are in a unit with more than two individuals and would like to opt in to the move, please contact us at Please note that individuals who are currently on campus through an approved extension do not count towards unit capacity. If you are over a unit capacity due to those with extensions, you will not be asked to move unless circumstances change.

Room Change Suspension

All room change requests are suspended except in situations that UAS deems an emergency. You are expected to work with others in your unit to maintain a safe, clean, and welcoming living environment. Student Housing staff are available via distance (i.e. Zoom Meetings) to assist you with settling disputes and to answer questions.

Lodge Access

The Lodge is closed to all but current residents and staff only. Please do not utilize this space for anything other than mail pickup, laundry, and Lodge Desk services unless otherwise directed by Housing Staff. If you have questions, please call the Lodge Desk at (907) 796-6443 or email us at — please do not come to the Lodge to ask your questions.


The Lodge Laundry room has a published schedule for all residents currently residing in apartment units. Each unit has two days a week set aside for their use. Please plan your laundry for completion on these days. If you are in need of an exception, please contact us at If you are asked to self-quarantine, do not utilize Housing Laundry facilities. UAS will pick up and have your laundry cleaned for you. Contact us at for this service. For all residents utilizing housing laundry, minimize your time spent in the laundry room and engage in distancing.

Cleaning within your unit

Please clean high touch surfaces within your unit regularly, to include (but not limited to):

  • Door handles, appliance handles, and window openers
  • Countertops
  • Pans, dishes, utensils, and other cookware
  • Desks and dressers
  • High touch small items, including game controllers, TV remotes, phones, tablets, toothbrush handles, etc.

Student Housing can assist you with cleaning supplies if needed. A limited amount of disinfectant wipes are available at the Housing Lodge, and we can check out cleaners to you.

Housing Balances and suspension of evictions for balance

Some students currently carry a Housing Balance. Carrying a housing balance will not be considered grounds for eviction for Spring 2020.