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UAF-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak in coordination with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is an evolving situation. Please monitor your emails for regular updates from UA and UAF leadership.

Chancellor White hosted a COVID-19 virtual forum on March 17 from 1-2 p.m.

Most FAQs will be addressed in the main UA FAQs.

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What if my class can’t be taught by distance education, or I don’t have the ability to access it in that way? (added 3/24/20)

If a course cannot continue because it cannot be conducted by distance, or if a student can’t access it, the students will receive a deferred grade (DF). Deferred grades indicate that the student’s inability to complete a course is due to the instructor’s actions or the university’s actions, rather than the student’s actions. Students will be given an opportunity to complete the work. If it is not completed, the DF turns to a withdrawal (W) in two years for undergraduate students, or stays on the transcript indefinitely for graduate students.

Will my graduate school dissertation deadline be extended?

Graduate School has extended the deadline for students to submit dissertations and theses from April 7 to April 13, 2020.

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Campus services

Are campus services still open? (updated 3/27/20)

University affiliates must also comply with the March 27 state public health mandates regarding intrastate travel and shelter-in-place. The university is updating its policies to reflect those mandates.

Campuses and campus services are open during regularly scheduled business hours with social distancing measures in place. We recommend that you call in advance to determine if there are any exceptions, as conditions may change with little notice. Here are some specifics:

  • Academic Advising Center: Office is closed to walk-in traffic, but is still helping students by phone. Please call 907-474-6396 and leave a message for advising assistance.
  • Campus Mail Center: The Campus Mail Center remains open for mail processing, and pick-up. Pick-up window hours are Monday-Friday noon-3 p.m. Building hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Campus department mail routes are on a reduced schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but departments may pick up mail more frequently if needed. Contact the Campus Mail Center with questions at 474-7215 or
  • Dining Services: See the UAF Dining FAQs for hours and locations information.
  • Enrollment Services: Enrollment Services offices are closed to walk-in traffic, but are still helping students via email, phone, texting (Admissions), and Zoom/Google Hangouts.
  • Nanook Recreation: Nanook Recreation is closed until further notice. The facilities included in this closure are: Student Recreation Center, Patty Ice Arena, Patty Pool, Outdoor Adventures equipment rental center and West Ridge Fitness Center.
    • For questions, you can email our managers.
    • For those enrolled in CTC classes hosted in our facilities, please stay in touch with your instructors.
  • On-campus recycling: Recycling on campus is temporarily suspended as a precaution to help protect the students who pick up the materials and sort them by hand. The Sustainability Office staff hope to restart the program at some point, so the bins will stay in place.
  • School of Management: All SOM advising appointments will be held via email or over the phone. No in-person appointments will be held at this time. Please make sure to provide a phone number to reach you at when you schedule your appointment.
  • Student Health and Counseling Center: See information regarding appointments below:
    • Entrances: In an effort to limit foot traffic, our entrance on the Fire dept. side of the building (N. Chandalar Drive) has been locked. Please use the entrance on the front of the building which is on the Police dept. side of the building (Yukon Drive).
    • For medical appointments: Students should call SHCC by phone, at which point, you will be screened for recent travel and other symptoms such as fever, cough and/or shortness of breath. Medical providers will be able to give proper guidance on next steps during this telephone screening time. Starting Thursday, March 25,, from 1-2 p.m., the medical providers will be available via Zoom for Q&A sessions to help answer questions that you may have.
    • For counseling appointments: We will be providing telehealth services for students via SecureVideo starting Monday, March 23. If you currently do not have an appointment, we ask that you call by phone in order to schedule one. As your appointment day gets closer, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the video session.
    • Online mental health resources and outreach: Taking Charge of Your Headspace,” a stress and coping workshop on Zoom, takes place every Tuesday from 1-2 p.m. Stay tuned for additional resources.
  • UA Museum of the North: UAMN is closed through April 30.
  • Wood Center Food Pantry: Wood Center Food Pantry is switching to a food box pick-up system to keep social contact to a minimum. Students can sign up for a food box from the Wood Center Food Pantry, and pick them up at the Wood Center front desk from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursdays and Fridays.


How and when will students receive their housing and dining refunds? (added 3/30/20)

Refunds will arrive in 3-5 business days for students who are signed up for direct deposit. Other refunds will be sent by check to the mailing address on file, and may take 2 weeks or longer to receive. Separate refunds may be made for housing, meal plans and Munch Money.

Which dining locations are open? (updated 3/26/20)

Dine 49 will close after lunch service at 1 p.m., March 26, 2020, until further notice.

  • Chartwells will offer meal delivery for students living on campus beginning with dinner on Thursday, March 26.
  • Food must be pre-ordered and will be delivered to common areas of each residence location for pick up. Please use our Dine 49 Online Order Form to pre-order meals and other retail items by 3 p.m. the day before requested service to ensure availability for delivery. Be sure to include your phone number should it be necessary to contact you for special delivery instructions.
    • Acceptable forms of payment include Munch Money, Bear Bucks and Credit Cards. Please be aware if using a credit card, you will be contacted for payment in advance. Munch Money can be added on to your PolarExpress card by sending a request to Please indicate your name, student ID and the amount you would like to add in increments of $20. This will provide a no hassle payment option that can be taken online.
  • Food will be delivered and available for pick up at the locations as listed below:
    • Wickersham lobby: Breakfast 9 a.m. M-F; Lunch/Brunch noon daily; Dinner 5 p.m. daily
    • McIntosh lobby: Breakfast 9:10 a.m. M-F; Lunch/Brunch 12:10 p.m. daily; Dinner 5:10 p.m. daily
    • MBS Hess Rec: Breakfast 9:20 a.m. M-F; Lunch/Brunch 12:20 p.m. daily; Dinner 5:20 p.m. daily
    • Cutler 500 block laundry room: Breakfast 9:35 a.m. M-F; Lunch/Brunch 12:35 p.m. daily; Dinner 5:35 p.m. daily
    • Eileen McLean House common building: Breakfast 9:45 a.m. M-F; Lunch/Brunch 12:45 p.m. daily; Dinner 5:45 p.m. daily
  • Please contact Chartwells at 474-5005 or email if you have any questions.

Is my meal plan still active?

If you received an exception and are remaining on campus your meal plan is still active. Due to the required suspension of our all-you-care-to-eat dinner, meal plans will remain active for Munch Money use only. We have converted all remaining blocks to Munch Money for students with weekly block plans. The Munch Money conversion occurred in one lump sum. No additional deposits will be made unless a request for an add-on plan is made through

Can I get a refund for the unused portion of my meal plan?

A prorated refund will be processed for students unable to access their meal plan.

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Disability Services

Will I continue to receive my approved accommodations if my course is now online?

Students approved for accommodations through Disability Services will continue to receive their accommodations. At times, however, specific accommodations may not transition equitably to an online format. Contact the Disability Services Office by email at if you have questions related to a specific accommodation.

What do I do if I am having difficulty fully accessing materials online? Can I update my accommodations?

Yes. Accommodations arranged for face-to-face courses may not be applicable or compatible with instruction occurring in an online environment. Students having difficulty accessing course content due to the change in format should contact the Disability Services Office by email at for additional support and/or to request additional accommodations.

Can I register with Disability Services if I have not already?

Yes. We understand that some students with disabilities may have elected to not register their disability previously with Disability Services, and may wish to do so at this time. To begin, please complete our registration form and review the information about the types of documentation that can be sent in. Contact Disability Services by email at with any questions regarding this process.


Visit the UAF Residence Life COVID-19 information page for instructions, house, guidance and FAQs related to UAF housing.

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