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The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged every member of Nanook Nation to live, work and learn in a new environment. Whether you are on campus, in our communities around Alaska or anywhere in the world, this page is the place to find information about UAF’s response to the pandemic. We have used information from public health and higher education resources to develop a plan to protect educational access and keep Nanook Nation healthy.

Important Information

What to do if you are sick or are exposed to COVID-19

All employees, students and contractors are required to report COVID-19 illness or close contact to Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management. Learn more about UAF's contact tracing procedure.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID-19:

  • Don’t go to an in-person class. Don’t come to the office.

  • Fill out the student or employee reporting form.

  • Get tested, if you haven’t already done so.

  • Stay home until you are well or, if you tested positive for COVID-19, until 10 days have passed, whichever is longer.

If you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19:

If you are a student living in on-campus housing:

  • Students living in campus housing are required to immediately call Residence Life at 907-474-7247 if they are symptomatic, under investigation for COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19.


As of August 2, 2021, face coverings are required indoors and outdoors when it is not possible to stay 6 feet away from others. The University of Alaska face masking guidance and the UAF face covering policy have more details.


UAF affiliates and members of the public can get free COVID-19 tests at the testing kiosk in the Nenana parking lot. The site opens at 9:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday and closes at 5:30 most days, with evening hours until 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. Students can also get tested at the Student Health and Counseling Center.


We encourage all students and employees to get vaccinated. Visit the university’s vaccination information page to find out where to get your free COVID-19 vaccine. Students can also get vaccinated at the UAF Student Health and Counseling Center. Make your appointment with the SHCC via the patient portal.

Employee vaccination requirement

The majority of UAF employees, including student employees, are required to be vaccinated, unless they have been granted a medical or religious exemption. Generally, that includes:

  • Employees at the Troth Yeddha’ campus in Fairbanks, regardless of university affiliation and remote work status.

  • Employees based in research units outside Fairbanks, including Seward Marine Center, Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center, HAARP, Poker Flat, Lena Point, and Toolik Field Station

  • Employees, regardless of their work location, paid by or directly working on federal contracts

Learn more about the University of Alaska’s employee vaccination requirements on the UA COVID-19 vaccination page.

Student vaccination requirement

Some groups of students are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have been granted a medical or religious exemption. Those groups include:

How to provide proof of vaccination:

  1. Gather your documentation. The following will be accepted as proof of vaccination:

    • Your CDC vaccination card

    • A copy of your vaccination records from your medical provider or pharmacist

    • Foreign vaccination records that meet World Health Organization standards

  2. Show your vaccination record and picture ID (if requested) to an authorized verifier either in person or via a Zoom meeting. A record of your documentation will not be retained by UA.

How to request a medical or religious exemption:

  1. Complete a medical exemption form or a religious exemption form.

  2. If your exemption is approved, submit it to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities via email or in person for entry into your student record.

Vaccination requirement requests

Requests for vaccination requirements may be considered for groups of people, activities or locations with increased risk for COVID-19 spread. Here's the process:

  1. Download and complete the vaccine requirement management plan and submit it to your dean or director for their approval.

  2. Deans and directors will submit approved plans using the vaccine requirement request form.

  3. Requests will be evaluated by a review committee, the OST, the chancellor and the UA president.


We are offering a full slate on in-person and hybrid courses during the spring 2022 semester, as well as continuing to offer distance courses via UAF eCampus.

We’ll use guidance from the CDC to ensure a safe classroom environment. We’ll be cleaning things more frequently and will have things like masks and cleaning supplies available for those who need them. Some classrooms may have seats blocked off to ensure adequate physical distance between students.

For instructors: Instructional continuity resources


Some employees will be working on site, while others will continue to work remotely, depending on department needs. Employees should work with their supervisors on any telework agreements. Find more information in the remote work FAQs and the UA’s long-term remote work policy website.

On-campus housing

Full occupancy will be available in residence halls. Students who live in residence halls and other congregate housing are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have been granted a medical or religious waiver.
Forms to apply for waivers are available on our resources page. The vaccination requirement does not apply to residents of family housing.

All students moving into residence halls will need to follow our testing process:

  • Get tested within 72 hours of arrival, at the airport or upon arrival on campus

  • If you are not vaccinated, you will need to observe strict social distancing until your test comes back negative. Students who are fully vaccinated don’t need to strict social distance.

For students who test positive or are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19, we will have designated space for quarantine and isolation.

Find more information about on-campus housing on the UAF Residence Life webpage.

Events and meetings

For public events and those involving 25 or more people, fill out the UAF events form and prepare an event mitigation plan. While we are allowing more events on campus, we’re still requiring additional COVID-19 safety measures, such as physical distancing, limitations on food service and enhanced cleaning.

See the UAF events policy for more information.

Staff and business meetings with fewer than 25 people can take place with no additional approvals. Make sure to follow masking guidelines and allow enough space for people to physically distance if some attendees are not vaccinated.


Students and employees are required to follow the UA travel guidance and all local, state, national and international guidelines for their destination. If you are not vaccinated, testing is required for international and out-of-state travel. For people who are fully vaccinated, testing is usually not required, unless you are coming into the United States from an international location.

For additional guidance, see also:


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