Mapping a personal story of social-ecological change

About this Learning Activity


  • Climate change influences our lives.


  • What changes have I observed in my own life that may be related to climate change?

NGSS themes addressed:

  • Practices- Developing models, communicating information
  • Cross-cutting concepts- Stability and change, Patterns, Cause and effect
  • Disciplinary core ideas- LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems; ESS2&3: Earth’s systems, Earth and Human Activity

Culturally-Responsive Curriculum Standards Addressed:

  • A. Integrity of cultural knowledge that students brings with them
  • E. Local knowledge and actions in a global context
Assignment 3 Mapping a personal story of social-ecological change.docx

The video below explains the assignment for visual and auditory learners and provides a few examples:

Mapping Personal Change SIGNs FINAL.mp4