Arctic and Earth SIGNs Lessons

Module 1. What is my personal connection to climate change?

Activity 1.1 Introductions and orientation to Arctic and Earth SIGNs community

  • Purpose: The goal of this learning activity is to orient the students to the Arctic and Earth SIGNs learning community and to the learning technologies utilized during the course.

Activity 1.2 What do I already know about the impacts and feedback of a warming climate?

  • Purpose: This activity serves as the pre-assessment of student prior knowledge on climate change concepts, their connection and the connection of their community to climate change, and how climate change is observed.

Activity 1.3 Mapping a personal story of social ecological change

  • Purpose: The goal of this assignment is threefold: 1) Reflect on the connection between social and ecological parts of the earth system that we observe in our own lives, 2) Gain experience with mapping change and using maps for sharing both data and personal stories of climate change, and 3) Provide a starting point for gauging our collective experience thinking about social-ecological changes.

Activity 1.4 Sharing stories of change

  • Purpose: This learning activity serves as a way to build a course learning community, familiarize students with the response function in Google+, and establish a collective base of knowledge about the impacts of climate change that will inform discussion of climate change at global, regional, and community scales.

Module 2 - How does climate change influence the Earth system?

Participants engage in learning about the the interactions between parts of the Earth system, from the soil to the clouds and everything in between. They delve into the causes, impacts, and feedbacks of climate change in the Arctic and around the globe using GLOBE and NASA resources and the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment.

  • Activity 2.1. The earth is an interconnected system
  • Activity 2.2. Climate change causes and feedbacks
  • Activity 2.3. Impacts and feedbacks of a warming Arctic
  • Activity 2.4. Comparing expected impacts in ACIA to observed impacts in our lives