Featured Speakers and Presenters

On Monday, Jan 4th, 2021 you are invited to join educators across content areas, grade levels, districts, and states for our third annual Alamo Educate and Innovate teaching and learning conference!

The day will kick off with an inspirational keynote by Ed Tech renowned speaker and author Eric Sheninger and will continue with actionable breakout sessions that will equip you for dynamic teaching and learning strategies for engaging students in your classroom! We will end the day with a keynote by award-wining superintendent, author, and speaker, Joe Sanfelippo! Join us for some great learning that will inspire you to ROCK your class!

Session Details Coming Soon!



  • This was WONDERFUL!!! You had a variety of presenters and the opportunities to learn were awesome. I learned many tools and skills that I will apply in my classroom.


  • Would love to see more of this type of training in New Mexico!

  • I loved being able to pick which sessions I wanted and being able to move through many topics in a day.

  • I thought the day was great! It was organized and had good flow!

  • What a great day, I wish it was longer!

  • I can't wait to use all that I learned in my class!

  • Most beneficial training all year!!

  • Well worth the time!

  • I enjoyed the presentations, I feel more prepared for what is coming!

  • This is one of the best professional developments that I have ever attended. I feel inspired to keep learning all of this new technology. So much time and effort planning and making it hands on. AMAZING!!!

  • LOVED every minute!

  • I thought the entire program was lively and well organized. So glad I attended!

  • Great way to spend my Saturday!