Welcome to Alabama Desmo!

Alabama Desmo is an organization that promotes our pride in Ducati and our love of motorcycling. We would like to help in raising motorcycle awareness in our communities throughout the state by participating in local and statewide events. Some of the events that we envision participating in include Barber Motorsports Park events such as the MotoAmerica race, the Barber Vintage Festival and the other numerous racing events that are held there. We also have Talladega Gran Prix Raceway close at hand that we would like to help spread the joy that is a Ducati motorcycle at home on a race track at the numerous trackday events that are held there each year.

Through these major events, planning “bike nights” and participating in various charity rides throughout our state we hope to be able to expose other motorcycle riders and non-riders alike to Ducati and to responsible, safe riding by promoting the wearing of proper gear whether you are riding or if you are a passenger and whether you are riding around the block or taking a major road trip.

Above all else though, Alabama Desmo is a group for Ducati owners and fans from across the state to share their passion and knowledge of Ducati. A place for our group to pool our knowledge and resources to help Ducati owners have the best experience possible with their Ducati regardless of which model it is or the year that it was made. A group that can get together for DOC rides and experience that exhilarating sensation that only comes from being in that long line of Ducati motorcycle riding together and filling a parking lot when stopped for lunch.